This post is part of our blogging series what shows new users how to manage and maintain an online blog or website using WordPress or other content management systems. There are many users who own online websites and blogs online and many need help.

In fact, this series started because some of our users asked us to write tutorials on this subject. It’s good to own something online but without help, you might be going the wrong way.

This blog post is going to show you, the new user how to manage your blog content via FTP. Most online hosts will make FTP connections available when you register. It’s a simple protocol that helps users transfer data between two computers. And because it’s popular with most online hosts, it can be a great way to manage your content.

In order to connect and manage your web content via FTP, you’ll need an FTP client. FTP clients help you make transferring data between computers easy. There are many FTP clients to choose from, but one is the most popular and it’s called FileZilla FTP Client.

To use FileZilla, download and install it on your machine. It’s support Windows, Mac OS X and Linux systems, including Ubuntu.

After downloading and installing it, go and get your FTP connection info. You’ll need this information to connect to your host. You can get your FTP account info from CPanel or from your host account.  If you’re using CPanel, logon and select FTP Accounts from the home page.


Once logged-in, look for FTP Accounts icon and click on it.  From there you might be able to create new accounts or select accounts already created for you. If an account already exist, click on it to view the connection details.




All you need is the FTP username, FTP server address and the post number to connect to. The password is the same password for your account.

Now that you have the connection info, open FileZilla. When it opens, enter your FTP Server address (Host), username, password and post #, then press Enter or QuickConnect.




After connecting, you should see the local computer files and folders as well as the remote computer folders. To transfer file or folder, just click and hold the file or folder and drag to and from the remote host.

To the same if you want to move from the the local machine to the remote host.




That’s it! That’s how you use FTP client to copy from to and from your server. If you want to backup your files, use an FTP client download files from the remote host to your local computer.