If you’re currently using AdSense on your blogs or websites, you may want to use the asynchronous ad code instead to improve your website’s performance and latency and provide better user experience. Asynchronous code is being used by many web services and it’s guaranteed never to stand in the way of other web elements when loading a webpage.

It provides better web experience for desktop as well as mobile users. When implemented users who visit your site may find it loading much faster and that can have an impact on user experience and how long your visitors stay on your site.

If you have already installed the synchronous AdSense code on your site’s pages, it’s recommended to switch all to asynchronous codes.

You should also remember that the asynchronous AdSense code is still in beta and may break part of your webpage. So after implementing it, test your pages to see if they are running ok.

To use the new code on your site, go to your AdSense account and click on My ads tab. Then select a unit and click ‘Get code’.  Next, use the drop-down to select the Code type and switch to Asynchronous code.




Now copy and code and paste it on your pages to. That’s it!