Want to test Apache, MySQL, PHP, Perl and Python in Windows or Mac systems? Linux makes this easy. All you have to do is run a single script and all these packages can be installed easily. It’s not so simple when using a Windows or Mac. If want to get these packages installed in Windows, you may have to download and configure them separately which can be a pain sometimes.

This is where AMPPS shines. AMPPS is a program developed by Softaculous which lets you easily install all of these open source applications with a single installation in Windows or Mac systems. It is cool and you’re going to like it.

With AMPPS you can create websites by installing any of the more the 200 apps available, including WordPress, Drupal, Joomla and others on your local machine. This is great for testing and even better if you’re a developer who uses Windows or Mac.

This brief tutorial is going to introduce to AMPPS, a LAMP alternative that you can install and host in a Windows or Mac environment.

AMPPS was recently updated to version 2.0. It incudes fixes and updates for many of the open source applications that come with it. For a complete changelog, please click here.

To install AMPPS, click here and download a copy for you system. You may have to turn of Windows Firewall to get pass the installation. Or just download the installer and double-click to run it.

When prompted, click ‘Install’




After installing, you may also have to allow Apache and MySQL access through Windows’ Firewall.








Open a web browser and type locahost to access and configure the program using your browser.