Google Drive team just released an extension for Google Chrome that lets you save web content directly into Google Drive through a browser action without leaving your current page. You can save images, HTML5 audio and video, and the entire web page by right-clicking and selecting ‘Save to Google Drive’. The content gets saved as an image, html document or Google Document format.

For more information about this extension, please click here.

After installing the extension gets docked on Google Chrome’s bar for easy access. Just visit any web page and click Google Drive icon on the menu bar to save the entire page.

To save a single image or HTML5 audio and video, just right-click the content and select ‘Save to Google Drive’.  That’s it, and that particular content will be saved directly to your Google Drive account.




To install the extension, go to this site and click Add to Chrome button.


Here’s the link


At this time, all files are saved in the root folder of Google Drive and I just couldn’t find a way to change that. That’s one thing I would like to see added in the future. Instead of just saving to the root of your Google Drive container, there should be an option to pick a location you want to save the content so they’re more organized.

Just a reminder, if the file size exceeds 25MB it will fail.