I am a big Google Chrome user for almost as long as it’s been released. I was once in the camp of Internet Explorer before Firefox. When Firefox was released, I switched and never looked back to IE except in our corporate environment where IE is still king.

For a while, Firefox was the primary web browser on all my machines. It’s solid and well designed and I loved it for all the time it was my primary web browser. When Google Chrome got released, I switched to it and it has been my favorite browser since. I have it installed on all my machines, even at my work. The downside of using Google Chrome at work is that it’s not compatible with all of our internal systems.

We’re primarily a Windows shop and Microsoft is working very hard to make sure that IE is still king in most corporate environments. Not Just Microsoft. All our firewall devices from Juniper which support web-based login only support IE at this time.

So, here’s the main story. Few days ago, I received a call from one of staff that required me to sign in remotely into our systems at work. I was home at the time and needed to sign through our web-based firewall systems.

When I tried Google Chrome, the firewall flatly rejected my browser. I switched to IE 10 which I had just upgraded and that too failed. At this point there were no other options to sign and get work done so I quickly began looking for Chrome extensions that would let me fake my Chrome as being IE 8 or 9. Not very long, I found Chrome IE Tab and voila! After installing, I tried the extension and it worked like charm.

This is a great extension if you find yourself in similar situation.

To get it go and add it to Google Chrome from this site.




You can customize it to work as IE 8 or 9.




Here’s the link