The latest Firefox version added support for Social API that lets you integrate social websites and content directly into Firefox browser.

At this moment, only Facebook can be integrated to your Firefox browser. Down the road, more and more social sites may be added. Sites like Twitter, Quora, LinkedIn and others that want to use Firefox API to create tools that help you integrate them.

This brief tutorial is going to show you how to enable this Facebook feature in Firefox. For this to work, you must be upgraded to the latest Firefox version which is version 17. Anything below 17 won’t work.

To find out your current Firefox version, click on Firefox button –> help –> About Firefox. From there you’ll be able to see your current version. If it’s 17, continue below. If not, update before continuing.

To get started, open Firefox and type the line below and press Enter.





When prompted with the warning as shown below, click ‘I’ll be careful, I promise!’ to continue




Next, scroll down to the line that says ‘social.enabled’ and double click it to enable it. By default, it’s disabled. As soon as it’s enabled, the right side of your screen will display Facebook login button.




Click the Log In Facebook button to login to Facebook.




After logging in , you will immediately see your Facebook contacts and tool bar in Firefox as shown below.