Hosting WordPress Blogs On Ubuntu With LAMP Support

Hosting your WordPress blogs on your own server is better than on a shared server. New webmasters will opt for shared environments as they’re easy to setup and manage.

The one big hurdle of running your own server is you become the server, network and security guru. Everything falls on your shoulder.

You must secure and patch it with updates, configure it to enhance its performance which can be daunting for many new users.

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Making Money With WordPress Blogs

A quick search only on how to make money from your WordPress blogs will show countless tutorials and tips. Many people have already written on this topic, and I’m not going add to it.

What I’m going to do here is talk about some of the tips that work for me. This post only talks about display advertising, especially Google AdSense.

There are multiple ways to earn money online from your blogs. From display advertising to affiliate programs are some of the programs that webmasters use to earn some money online.

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Running A WordPress Blog With Little Money

Running a WordPress blog doesn’t have to cost you much. I am doing it right here. I am running this blog on a shoe-string budget. No costly hosting fees and no tricks.

This blog isn’t the fastest online right now, but it’s fast enough that hundreds of visitors can browse it simultaneously without slowing it or shutting it down.

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Importing WordPress Databases Via CPanel

Few days ago I showed you how to backup WordPress databases via CPanel. That post can be view from here.

If you’re new to hosting websites with WordPress online, these are some of the tasks you may want to learn. Learning how to backup and restore WordPress databases is a must for webmasters.

This simple post will show you how to restore WordPress databases after first backing them up via CPanel using phpMyAdmin.

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Backing Up WordPress Database Via CPanel

One thing every webmaster should learn how to do is backing up his/her website’s databases. Everyone webmaster who’s managing a website should first learn how to perform a full website backup, including databases.

This brief tutorial shows users how to perform a full database backup via CPanel using phpMyAdmin.

phpMyAdmin comes with almost all CPanel installations. It’s a great PHP tool that allows webmasters and website owners to manage MySQL/MariaDB databases with ease in their web browsers.

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