6 Free WordPress Themes for Photographers

If you’re a photographer with a WordPress site, there are so many different options you can use to display your photography and create a portfolio. One thing you should definitely do to ensure that your photos get the page real-estate they deserve is to use a theme that was specifically designed for displaying photos. Here are some of our favorites:

1. Gridsby


Gridsby is a WordPress theme with a grid layout that was inspired by Pinterest. It’s great for displaying your photos as a full collection rather than individually. The theme is fully responsive.

2. Panorama


Panorama is fully responsive and allows you to feature several full-size photos on your home page (the images can also function as links). The home page images also come with nice CSS effects for smooth transitioning between feature images.

3. Yuuta


Yuuta is a simple theme that you can use to feature your full-size images as backgrounds of your posts as they appear on the home page of your site. The images will take up the entire width of your page, so they’ll be beautifully displayed. The theme is also fully responsive.

4. Divina


Divina is a theme designed specifically for photographers. Use it to display your photos in a clean, minimalist grid that enlarges the photos when they’re clicked on. The theme is responsive and features a sidebar.

5. Aperture


The Aperture theme’s full-screen slider is a great way to display your full sized images.

6. Adirondack


Grid layouts are great for displaying photographs, so here’s another one. This one has a modern, clean design that will display your posts’ featured images on the home page of your site.

5 Best Color Picking Tools for Your Front End Projects

Looking for a tool to help you explore and choose your color options for your next project? Here are 5 of some of the best and most versatile color picking tools that we love to use.

  1. HTML Color Picker from W3 Schools


This HTML Color picker from W3 schools is a really great tool to discover all of your color options. Not only does the picker make it easy to select a color on your own and explore different shades of that color, but it also gives you the color values in Hex, RGBA, and HSL formats.

2. HTML Color Codes


This is a really useful tool that not only allows you to choose colors, but also lets you save them for later AND export them CSS files in Hex, RGB, HTML, CSS, and SCSS formats. As a bonus, the tool also suggests other colors for you that will complement the color of your choosing.

3. Color Hex


Color Hex is a color picking tool that also gives you access to the colors that have been recently picked by other users so that you can see which colors are “trending.” It also lets users create and browse through color palettes, in case you’re looking for some hue inspiration.

4. Color Palette Generator


This color palette generator will automatically generate a color palette for you based on any image that you provide. If you’re using an image as inspiration for some of your designs, this is a really great and interesting tool to use.

5. Get Colors from Images


Here’s a color picking program that allows you to upload an image and use a dropper tool to pick a specific color from anywhere on the image. Again, this one is really useful if you have a photo that you’re using as a color palette inspiration.

7 Best Google Chrome Themes to Customize Your Browser

One of the coolest features of Google Chrome is the many ways in which you can customize it to suit your exact needs. A cool way to really make your browser unique to you and your interests is to install a custom theme. There are so many themes to search through that choosing your ideal browser theme can get a little overwhelming. If you want to customize Chrome but aren’t sure where to start, check out this list of some of the best themes currently available.

1. Black & White Theme


This is a really simple theme with a minimalist design, and is a great option for someone who wants to try out a theme but doesn’t want to do anything crazy or over the top.

2. Raindrops Theme


This beautiful theme might be right for you if you’re an appreciator of great photography or rainy days (or both!). It’s inspired by this classic image of a window on a rainy day.

3. Beautiful Landscape


This theme is especially great for Chrome users who have a bit of wanderlust, or simply users who are inspired by looking at images of beautiful scenery and landscapes.

4. Flying Paintscreen-shot-2016-11-30-at-2-49-04-pm

Flying paint is one of the coolest, most colorful themes available for Chrome.

5. Celestial Lights


This awesome theme was inspired by the gorgeous and colorful Northern Lights/Aurora Borealis phenomenon that occurs at towards the northern poles of the planet.

6. Spiral Galaxy M101 Theme


Outer space is pretty cool. If you agree, then you’ll definitely enjoy this starry theme that represents a literally out of this world spiral galaxy.

7. R2-D2 Theme


We may have saved the best for last…any Star Wars fans will probably be big supporters of this Chrome theme. Seriously, who doesn’t love R2?

Optimize Images with Responsive Breakpoints Generator

Using one image for every possible viewpoint variation of a design (desktop, laptop, tablet, mobile, and all the non-standard browser window sizes in between) isn’t exactly ideal in terms of design and maintaining the image’s resolution. With the Responsive Breakpoints Generator, however, you can now use actual equations to tell your images when to break.


Instead of guessing or choosing arbitrary breakpoints for your images, you can use the Responsive Breakpoints Generator tool to come up with breakpoints that have been calculated based upon the original dimensions of your image at full size using the generator’s advanced algorithms.


The key to the algorithm being able to find suitable breakpoints is that it finds image width values and accompanying dimensions that offer reductions in file size. After the breakpoints have been created, the generator also provides you with an HTML img tag that lists all of the breakpoint values and the option of downloading a zip file with the original image sized down to all of the breakpoints.


This is a great tool to use, especially if you find yourself doing a lot of design or development for mobile. The tool is also open source, so you can use and/or modify it however you choose. Read more about how the algorithm works here.

5 Essential WordPress Plugins

All WordPress developers have a list of their favorite plugins that they won’t create a new WordPress build without. Here are some of our favorite plugins to add to our WordPress projects:

1. Yoast


Yoast isn’t your average SEO plugin. In addition to it allowing you to create your own meta tags and easily choose your keywords, it also analyzes your pages to test for SEO performance. If your page’s performance isn’t the best it can be, you’ll get an in-depth reading of what you need to do to optimize that page’s SEO, which goes above and beyond what’s offered by most SEO plugins.

2. WP Super Cache


The Super Cache plugin generates static files from your WordPress site. Caching your files should seriously improve the speed of your site, which is why this plugin should be installed on all your WordPress builds.

3. Ninja Forms


There are probably hundreds of WordPress contact form generating plugins available, so it can be overwhelming to decide which one is right for your project, but most of the time this is our contact form plugin of choice. The plugin allows you to easily create forms that are sleek, responsive, and easy to use.

4. Google Analytics for WordPress Dashboard


The Google Analytics for WordPress plugin will allow you to access your basic Google Analytics stats right from your WordPress dashboard. You can also use it to quickly view that stats on each of your individual posts and pages.

5. DiggDigg for WordPress


This plugin allows your users to easily share your content, posts, or pages on any of their social media platforms. Adding this feature to your site can dramatically increase social sharing and traffic.