How To Install and Configure Samba on Ubuntu 14.10

This brief tutorial shows you how to easily install and configure Samba file sharing on Ubuntu 14.10. With Samba, one can share files and folders with users on other machines like Windows, Mac OSX or other Linux machines. The process is pretty easy. Just install Samba and other Samba related tools and start sharing resources. […]

How To Install VMware Workstation 11 On Windows 8.1

This post is part of a series we started about using virtualization software to run multiple operating systems on a single host computer. In our last post we said that if the host computer (the computer the virtualization software is installed on) is powerful enough, you could operate as many operating systems or guest machines […]

Speed Up WordPress With W3 Total Cache On Nginx Web Server

This brief tutorial shows you how to run WordPress with W3 Total Cache on Nginx webserver. When you combine these three, you may be able to improve your website performance dramatically, considering your host is great. Without a reliable and great host, you may not enjoy the benefits these three services or technologies provide. W3 […]

Using VirtualBox and VMWare Workstation For Testing and Development

It’s 2015 and this is our first post of the year! Hope you had a wonderful 2014. Few days ago a friend of mine asked how come I owned so many computers? I was surprised because I do not own so many computers. He probably hadn’t heard of virtualization software. You see, I owned two […]

We Switched Back To HTTP From HTTPS

After almost three months of trial, we decided to switch back to all HTTP from HTTPS. When Google announced that those websites that are HTTPS would get a small ranking boost on its search result pages, we jumped right on and  switched our pages. After these months we just couldn’t continue running HTTPS. Don’t get me […]

How To Install VMware Tools On Ubuntu Guest OS To Improve The Guest Permance

Recently we showed you how to install VMware Workstation 11 software on Ubuntu, and this brief tutorial is going to show you how to install VMware Tools in the Ubuntu guest operating system. It is very important that you install VMware Tools in the guest operating system. The VMware Tools package provides support required for shared […]

How To Install VMware Workstation 11 On Ubuntu 14.10

VMware workstation 11 has been released and this brief tutorial is going to show you how to install it in Ubuntu. Installing on Windows is easy, just go and grab the executable file for your version of Windows and install. I’ve just installed it on my Windows 8.1 machine. This new release supports the latest […]