How To Upgrade Ubuntu Server LTS To The Next Version

This document describes how to perform an LTS release upgrade in Ubuntu. There are many upgrade methods one can perform using Ubuntu. One can upgrade packages using sudo dist-upgrade and sudo apt-get update commands. Running the above two commands only upgrade existing packages and their dependencies, no new packages that are not already installed will […]

How To Install MediaWiki On Ubuntu 14.10 Server

This document shows you how to install MediaWiki on Ubuntu 14.10 and run your own wiki site. MediaWiki is free opensource software written in PHP that was original intended for Wikipedia. It now runs on many other non-profit and wiki sites across the Internet. If you wish to run a wiki site that looks similar […]

How To Install bbPress On Ubuntu 14.10 Server

This document shows you how to install bbPress on Ubuntu 14.10 server. bbPress is a forum software that can be used to power your forum-only sites or integrated with WordPress and other CMS to enable forums and discussion platform. It’s a great software to have if you wish to run a forum-based website. If you […]

How To Install and Manage Secure ProFTPD Server On Ubuntu 14.10

This document shows you how to install and configure secure ProFTPD server on Ubuntu 14.10. ProFTPD is a free FTP server that allows you to upload/download and share content via FTP protocol. FTP protocol is inherently insecure. Without encrypting the network traffic and packets between the FTP client and server, your data may be intercepted […]

How To Speed Up Your WordPress Blogs Or Websites

If you’ve been managing a website or websites for long, then you probably know a thing or two about improving website speed, SEO optimization and performance and WordPress. If you don’t know any about the subjects above and you’ve been managing websites for sometime, then you probably need to spend sometime on them, because they […]

How To Install And Manage Passwordless SSH Logon To Ubuntu 14.10 Servers

The best way for power webmasters to manage a remote server is via SSH. The most secure way to manage your server via SSH is using password-less SSH encryption logons. Passwordless entry into your servers make it so that account users won’t be allowed to type in a username and password to gain entry. Only […]

How To Install Webmin On CentOS 7

Few day ago we showed you how to install Webmin on Ubuntu 14.10. This brief tutorial is going to show you how to install the same Webmin on a CentOS 7 machine. For those who don’t know, Webmin is a web-based tool to mange every aspect of your Unix-like systems. From creating new accounts to […]