In the world of API development, the Postman is a prominent tool. The Postman allows you to build, test, and manage the APIs easily. It also supports automation and you can use it to effectively define parameters and view the response. Since Postman is a popular choice for developers and with the open-source nature of Ubuntu, it is obvious that you want to install and use Postman on Ubuntu 24.04 too. 

This detailed post will demonstrate the methods to install Postman on Ubuntu 24.04.

How to Install Postman on Ubuntu 24.04

To install Postman on Ubuntu 24.04, follow either of the following methods:

  • Using the Snap.
  • Using the Flatpak.
  • Using the Tar File.
  • From the App Center.
  • Install Postman CLI.

The above methods are illustrated as follows.

Method 1: Install Postman on Ubuntu 24.04 Using the Snap

A Snap in Linux refers to a package that contains all the libraries and other dependencies required to install the package. It also hosts the Postman. To install Postman on Ubuntu 24.04 using the Snap, execute the following command:

sudo snap install postman

To update the snap-based Postman installation on Ubuntu 24.04, run the following command:

sudo snap refresh postman

You can launch the Snap-based Postman from the Activities or via the Terminal using:

sudo snap run Postman

Method 2: Install Postman on Ubuntu Using the Flatpak

The Flatpak is among the most popular ways that developers use to distribute their software on Linux distros. Among these softwares, Postman also exists. To install Postman on Ubuntu 24.04 using the Flatpak, follow these steps:

Step 1: Install Flatpak

The Flatpak is not installed on Ubuntu 24.04 by default. To install it, add its repository first via the below command:

flatpak remote-add --if-not-exists flathub

Now, execute the below-highlighted command to install Flatpak on Ubuntu 24.04:

sudo flatpak install flathub

Step 2: Install Postman

Next, run the following command to install Postman on Ubuntu 24.04 via the Flatpak:

sudo flatpak install flathub com.getpostman.Postman

The Flatpak-based Postman can be run by executing the following command:

flatpak run com.getpostman.Postman

You can update the Flatpak-based Postman via the below command:

sudo flatpak update --app com.getpostman.Postman

Method 3: Install Postman on Ubuntu Using the Tar File

Developers use the Tar file to distribute their software in archived format. You can also use the Tar file to install Postman on Ubuntu 24.04, as highlighted in the below steps:

Step 1: Download the Postman Tar File

Here, run the following command to download the Postman’s official tar file on Ubuntu 24.04:


Step 2: Extract the Postman Tar File

Now, use the following command to extract the download Postman’s tar file:

tar -xzf linux

Step 3: Run Postman

After extracting the Postman’s Tar file, navigate to the extracted directory (Postman) and then launch the Postman:

cd Postman

By using the above approach, you must provide the full path to the Postman executable or use the cd command to navigate. However, you add the Postman’s directory to the PATH variable to make it readily executable. To do that, open the ./bashrc file using:

sudo nano ~/.bashrc

In the bashrc file, add the following and replace the path with the Postman folder’s path:

export PATH="/home/user/Postman:$PATH"

Now trigger the changes in the .bashrc file by running the below command:

source ~/.bashrc

After adding the Postman to the PATH variable, you can directly launch it from the Terminal.

Note: If you want to uninstall the Tar file-based Postman installation, just remove the Postman directory using the “sudo rm -rf Postman” command.

Method 4: Install Postman on Ubuntu 24.04 Via the App Center

The Postman is officially available in Ubuntu 24.04’s App Center. To install it, search for “postman” select the version, and Install it, as seen below:

Method 5: Install Postman CLI on Ubuntu 24.04 

If you want to use the CLI version of Postman, download and install it by executing the following command:

curl -o- "" | sh

To launch the CLI version of Postman, run the “postman command (in lower case):


To remove the CLI version of Postman, use the following command:

sudo rm -rf /usr/local/bin/postman

How to Uninstall Postman From Ubuntu 24.04

Since there are different approaches to installing Postman on Ubuntu 24.04, the same is true for the uninstallation methods.

To uninstall the Flatpak-based Postman, execute:

flatpak uninstall com.getpostman.Postman

For uninstalling the Snap-based postman, run the below command:

sudo snap remove postman

If you are using the App Center-based Postman installation, you can uninstall it by opening the App Center, selecting Manage, and clicking on the Postman app. Next, use the three vertical dots and hit the Uninstall button:

Final Words

To install Postman on Ubuntu 24.04, use the Snap, the Flatpak, the Tar File, or the App Center. Additionally, you can install the Postman CLI version using the “curl -o- “” | sh” command. 

The Postman is a popular API building and testing tool whose installation methods are discussed in this detailed guide.