While browsing the internet or playing a video game, you may need to share the whole or a part of the screen as a reference to your achievements. But how can you take the screenshots in Windows 11? You can take screenshots on Windows 11 via the Snipping Tool, Xbox Game Bar, and shortcut keys like Prt Sc, Windows + Prt Sc, or Alt + Prt Sc. Furthermore, you have the option to utilize third-party software for taking customized screenshots.

This guide sheds light on the “Best Methods to Take Screenshots on Windows 11”.

How to Take/Capture Screenshots in Windows 11

Microsoft has added multiple ways to take/capture screenshots in Windows 11, and the complete process to use them for capturing the screenshots is as follows:

Method 1: Take/Capture Screenshots on Windows 11 Via the Snipping Tool

The Snipping Tool is an advanced and efficient tool to take/capture screenshots on Windows 11. The snipping tool allows you to capture the screen in Rectangle, Window, Full, and Free-form. Additionally, you can set the timer before taking/capturing the screenshot or recording the video.

To take the Screenshots using the snipping tool, follow these steps:

  1. Use the start menu to open it or press Window + Shift + S keys to open the Snipping Tool Overlay:
  1. Now use the Camera button and select the area-based on your preference using the mouse and release the button when done. After capturing the screenshot, check your Notifications for the captured screenshot. The captured screenshots are saved in the Pictures directory:

Method 2: Take/Capture Screenshots on Windows 11 Utilizing the Keyboard Shortcuts

If you don’t like using the Snipping Tool, don’t worry because you can use a few shortcuts to take screenshots on Windows 11, including:

  1. Press the PRT SC button to instantly capture the whole screen and save it to the clipboard. Now to get the actual image, paste it from the clipboard to the Word Document, MS Paint, or Email Body for further processing.
  2. Press the ALT + PRT SC buttons to take a screenshot of the currently open window and save it on the clipboard.
  3. Use the Windows Logo + PRT SC buttons to capture the whole screen and automatically save it in the Pictures\Screenshots folder. These screenshots are also saved in the OneDrive folder (if configured).

Method 3: Take/Capture Screenshots on Windows 11 Via Xbox Game Bar

The Xbox Game Bar is a screen recording/capturing toolkit overlay for the gaming community. It can record your gameplay and capture your in-game achievements as well. To use it, enable it from the Windows Settings App ? Gaming ? Game Bar:

After enabling it, use the following combination of keys to take the screenshots:

  1. Press the Windows + G to open the Xbox Game Bar.
  2. Use the Windows + Alt + PRT SC buttons to take the screenshot or use the Camera button to do the same. The captured screenshots are saved in the Videos\Captures folder:

Pro Tip: You can change the combination of the keys to take screenshots using the Xbox Game Bar via the Xbox Game Bar Settings ? Shortcuts and specifying the combination under the “Take a screenshot” option:

Third-Party Applications to Take/Capture Screenshots in Windows 11

Among the thousands of applications to take screenshots in Windows, we think that you should use the following for taking great screenshots in Windows 11:


The Screenpresso is truly the ultimate screenshot-capturing application available for Windows. It lets you capture the screenshots and is loaded with several editing options. It offers several features for free, but for additional features, you are required to buy it. Using the Screenpresso on Windows 11, you can:

  • Capture scrolling and simple screenshots.
  • Edit the captured screenshot utilizing numerous editing tools.
  • Highlight or blur a specific area.
  • Record videos and much more.


The Lightshot is a cross-platform screenshot-capturing utility that is lightweight and can efficiently work without using much of the system’s resources. It is integrated with a power editor and is easy to use, which makes it a great choice for taking screenshots in Windows 11. Using the Lightshot, you can:

  • Capture and edit the screenshots at no cost.
  • Quick sharing of the screenshots using the internet.
  • Customize the hotkeys and capture the screenshots using them.


The Greenshot is an open-source and free screenshot-capturing software exclusively available for Windows. It is entitled to everyone, including software engineers, writers, project managers, etc. Using the Greenshot on Windows 11, you can:

  • Capture the whole screen, the selected area, the current window, or scrolling screenshots.
  • Highlight or blur a specific area on the screenshot.
  • Export the captured screenshot to the Email, the Printer, or Microsoft Paint.

Final Words

To take screenshots on Windows 11, use the Snipping Tool, Xbox Game Bar, or the shortcut keys (PRT SC, ALT + PRT SC, or Windows Logon + PRT SC). Furthermore, you can take screenshots in Windows 11 using third-party applications. This guide has discussed several ways to take screenshots in Windows 11 and also shed light on the best screenshots-taking applications for Windows 11.