One of the most important features of Ubuntu is that the software and the operating system are free of cost. The agency for Ubuntu releases updates for different features such as security, performance updates, and latest version updates. This article gives the methods used to update the Linux/ Ubuntu operating system. 

How to Install Updates on Ubuntu 22.04 via Command Line

There are two main methods for updating the Ubuntu 22.04 by the Command line

  • Use the command line to update the Ubuntu
  • Use the GUI to update the Ubuntu

Method 1: Use the command line to update the Ubuntu

One can easily control the Ubuntu from the command line interface. You can easily open the command line by typing “Ctrl+Alt+T in your Ubuntu operating system or using the system search method. The steps to update the Ubuntu operating system are given as:

Open the command line interface and then type the command 

sudo apt update

In the above command 

  • sudo” the full form of sudo is “super user do” and it is used to attain the roots rights.
  • apt” the full form of apt is “Advance package tool” By using this command you can access the advanced packages for installation and removal in the operating system such as Linux/ Ubuntu.
  • update” is used to update the packages.

The availability of packages for the update is checked by using the command 

Sudo apt list --upgrade

In the above command

  • list – -upgrade” gives the list of packages available for update.

For the upgradation of all the outdated packages the command used to be executed is given as

sudo apt upgrade

In the above command

  • upgrade” is used to upgrade the list of packages.

When you are doing this process it gives the the option to continue with this process and then type “y” and press enter.

To update the individual package you use the command

apt install - -only-upgrade python3

For the proper function of packages, some packages are kept up to date. The “sudo apt dist-upgrade” command is used to keep the packages up to date.

Sudo apt dist-upgrade

In the above command “dist-upgrade” is used to add or remove the existing packages if needed.

If you do not need any package on your operating system means you want to remove it then type the command 

sudo apt autoremove

In the above command “autoremove” is used to remove the outdated packages.

To check if is there any package to remain for the update execute the “sudo apt-mark showhold” command. If there is no output then your system is up to date if it gives some output then you need to update your system. The executed command is given as.

sudo apt-mark showhold

In the above command “showhold” gives the outdated or on-hold packages.

Method 2: Use the GUI to update the Ubuntu

Ubuntu gives another easy way to update the packages by using the GUI method. The steps to use GUI method for the updates are given as:

Step 1: Open the search bar and search for “Updates“, then click on “Software updater”.

Step 2: After clicking on the “Software updater”, it starts downloading and updating the software.  

Step 3: When the update process is completed, in the end, the message will appear like “The software on this computer is up to date”.


To install the updates in Ubuntu/Linux there are methods available such as using the command line to update Ubuntu and using the GUI to update Ubuntu. In the first method, you open the command line and use the command “sudo apt update”, and in the second method, you search for the “Software updater” in the search bar and simply click on it.