Ubuntu is an open-source Linux-based operating system. It is one of the most widely used Linux distributions in the world. It is compatible with cloud computing, desktops, and the Internet of Things (IoT). It provides an initiative interface and is easy to use. Ubuntu provides strong security measures against the threats and potential risks. It operates smoothly on low-end devices, i.e., it can run on systems with 1GB of RAM.

This blog post will demonstrate how to install Linux/Ubuntu on your PC.

How to Install Ubuntu on Your PC?

The installation of Ubuntu is easy and smooth. The step-by-step process of installing Ubuntu on your PC is shown below:

Step 1: Go to Ubuntu’s Website

Navigate to Ubuntu’s official website, and click on Download 22.04.3:

As a result, an iso file of Ubuntu will be downloaded to your PC, as shown below:

Step 2: Open Virtual Machine 

Now open any virtual machine of your choice. In our scenario, we are using VMWare Workstation. You can also use VirtualBox:

Step 3: Ubuntu Setup With VMWare Workstation

Click on “Create New Virtual Machine”:

A new window will appear and you will be asked for the type of configuration you want. Choose the recommended one and click on the Next Button:

Now browse the path of the ISO file and click on Next:

After that, provide some necessary details such as Full name, user name, and password to move ahead:

Choose the name of your virtual machine and the Location as well. Click on Next to proceed further:

Now provide the Maximum disk size that the Virtual Machine will occupy on your disk. In our case, we would choose 20GB which comes as a default.

Click on the Finish Button to complete the setup of Ubuntu on VMWare.

It can be seen that a new Virtual Machine named Ubuntu has been created.

Step 4: Install Ubuntu/Linux in the Virtual Machine

Now click on Power on this Virtual Machine to power on the newly created virtual machine.

The installation process will begin now as shown below:

Select the Language for your keyboard layout. In our case, we will select English(US). Now click on the Continue Button to proceed further.

Now select the default options for installation configuration as shown below:

Now choose the installation type. Go with the default option which is Erase disk and Install Ubuntu. Now click on the Install Now Button.

Now a new window will appear and will show you the partitions of your disk. Click on Continue to proceed further.

Select your location. In our case, it’s the United Kingdom.

Now provide some basic details such as name, computer’s name, username, and password for your virtual machine. Afterwards, click on the Continue Button.

The installation of Ubuntu is started now as shown below:

It will take a few minutes to install Ubuntu so hold your patience.

Now a pop-up message will appear stating Installation Complete.

Click on Restart Now to restart your virtual machine.

Once the system is restarted, the following screen will be displayed.

Login to your account by providing the password.

Now a Ubuntu Home screen will appear which means that the Ubuntu has been installed successfully.

How To Delete Ubuntu From Your PC?

To delete Ubuntu from your PC, follow the steps given below:

Step 1: Open Virtual Machine

As you have opened the virtual machine, you will see the list of virtual machines installed on your PC in the top left corner of the interface.

Step 2: Open Virtual Machine Properties

Right-click on the Virtual Machine and select the Manage option.

Step 3: Delete Ubuntu 

As soon as you hover on the Manage option, the window will expand and you will see the Delete from Disk option. Click on it to delete Ubuntu from your virtual machine.


Ubuntu is one of the most widely used Linux distributions in the world. To install Ubuntu on your PC, first, you have to setup Ubuntu on your virtual machine. For that download the iso file from Ubuntu’s official website. Now open any virtual machine and click on Create New Virtual Machine. Now specify the path of the iso file and provide some necessary details such as username and password. Now provide the maximum disk size to be 20GB and click on Continue. Now to install Ubuntu on your virtual machine, provide the location, username, and password and click on Continue to proceed further. After a few minutes, Ubuntu will be installed on your PC.