In this era of digital media and digital marketing, it is very important to make a statement online to establish the presence of your brand or product. Adding fonts to your design has never been easy but selecting a great font from a variety of available options is the hardest task for most people. 

So, in this article, we will show you the best 10 Microsoft Word fonts that you can use in your project or design.

  1. Calibri

I know that everyone is aware of this font. Calibri is the default font in Microsoft Word and most deservedly so. It is the blend of modern and clean aesthetics. 

This font was created by Microsoft and it is one of the most widely-used font on Microsoft Word when it comes to writing business letters and documentation. This font makes the document look clean and beautiful. 

  1. Arial 

Arial is the classic font that is still used professionally in today’s modern world. It is a sans-serif font that is used mostly for school and education-related projects.

It was created by IBM for business purposes. Later on, it was adopted by other industries like education and print media.

  1. Times New Roman

Times New Roman is a classic and one of the most popularly used font in the history of Microsoft Word. When it comes to professional or casual documentation, it is the first choice font for many users even today.

Its clean and easy-to-read design makes it a go-to font for books, newspapers, resumes, and other print media. 

  1. Helvetica

Helvetica is another font from sans-serif family which is very popular and widely used. It’s clean and straight forward design makes it easily readable and eye catching. 

No matter which type of document you are preparing like reports, documentation, presentation, or news article, the versatility of Helvetica makes it a go-to font for every type of user.

  1. Georgia

Georgia is another clean and easily readable Microsoft Word font. Due to its high compatibility, it is suitable for web content. It offers excellent readability on the screen which makes it an ideal font for digital media and web content.

This font is ideal for contents such as online articles, eBooks, and other web content. The spacing between the letters and font size makes it easily readable even on smaller screens.

  1. PT Sans

PT Sans is another versatile and readable font from the sans serif font family for Microsoft Word. This font is ideal for print as well as digital media.

PT sans was first released in 2009. Its regular and bold weights with corresponding italics make it ideal for every user regardless if you are a professional or a casual user.

  1. Verdana

Verdana is another font in our list from sans serif font family. If you are looking for a neat and clean font for printing materials, especially on paper, this one is for you. 

This font comes with more space between characters, increasing the overall width of the word which makes it easy to read. 

  1. Cooper Black

Cooper black is a type of font that is used in comic books; it is bold and impressive. This font is not recommended for professional use but can be used casually especially for headings.

So, these are the best Microsoft Word fonts that can be used professionally as well as casually by every type of user. Yes, there are many other good fonts, but it’s up to you for what purpose you are going to use that font.