In our daily routine, we use various apps on our smart gadgets. Often, we face a lack of functionalities while using them or demand new features to be introduced. Mobile app developers work constantly on improving, fixing bugs, and launching important features to facilitate their app users. For this purpose, you need to check available updates for the apps from the Play Store and keep them updated.

This write-up will enlighten the instructions to update your mobile apps from the Play Store.

How to Update Apps on Android?

To update your Android apps, there are 2 possible ways. Either download it manually or enable the automatic update option from the settings. Let’s demonstrate both ways separately.

Way 1: Update Apps Manually

For manually updating the apps from the Play Store, the following steps are considered.

Step 1: Open the Play Store app and tap the “Profile” icon.

Step 2: Afterward, go to the “Manage apps and device” screen.

Step 3: Next, tap the “Updates available” under the “Overview” tab. 

Step 4: Now, selectively update the particular app or update all at once by tapping the “Update all

Way 2: Update Apps Automatically

Automatic apps allow you to update the apps even if you are not using mobile. To enable the automatic updates on the Play Store, accomplish the following steps-based procedure. 

Step 1: Open the Play Store and tap the “Profile” icon.

Step 2: Next, tap the “Settings” option as guided.

Step 3: from the Play Store settings, open the “Network preferences” drop-down and tap the “Auto-update apps” option.

Step 4: Now, select the “Over any network” option to update apps automatically either on Wi-Fi or network data.

How to Update APK Apps on Android?

APK are the installation files for installing the apps. You can uninstall APK file apps and re-install the latest one from their websites. Doing this could be tricky and difficult for you as there are various versions of the app you have to update. You always see the warning upon installing the APK file app from third-party sources as they don’t come under Google’s security and quality control. We always recommend you download and install apps from the Play Store to avoid any security issues. 

How to Fix Play Store Not Updating Apps?

Many of the users reported the error that the Play Store is not updating the apps. Well, it’s common and happens to almost every user. Here are the possible fixes that can quickly resolve this problem. 

Fix 1: Check Internet

First priority, check your internet connection and ensure it is under the working condition. If everything is fine, restart your internet router, connect to the internet, and update your apps. 

Fix 2: Clear Play Store Cache

Another fix for the Play Store not updating the apps is by clearing the cache memory. To do this, see the provided steps.

Step 1: Open your Android settings and go to the “Apps”.

Step 2: afterward, look for the “Play Store” app and tap on it.

Step 3: Next, tap the “Storage” option.

Step 4: Now, tap the “Clear Cache” option as highlighted.

Fix 3: Update Android OS

If your Play Store app is not updating, check if any Android OS update is available for your device. To do this, walk through the given procedure. 

Step 1: Open your mobile settings, scroll down, and go to “Software update”.

Step 2: From the “Software update”, tap the “Download and install” option.

Step 3: If the new update for your Android OS is available, you will be asked to install it. In our case, the Android OS is already up to date. 

Fix 4 Relaunch Play Store

A quick fix for Play Store not updating apps is to relaunch the Play Store application. Close your Play Store app properly (From Resends), launch it again, and update your respective app again. 

Fix 5: Check Pending Updating Apps 

It has been observed multiple times that Play Store didn’t update the app if there are any pending updating apps already. You need to stop the pending update or wait for their completion to update your current app. To stop the pending updating apps, perform the following steps.

Step 1: Open the Play Store and tap the “Profile” icon.

Step 2: Aafterward, tap  the “Manage apps and device”.

Step 3: Open the “Manage” tab, and check if any pending apps are updating. If so, stop it and update the desired app. 

Fix 6: Check Cellular Data Settings

If you are using cellular data, there’s a high chance that your download preferences are set to Wi-Fi only. So, change download preferences to any network. For this purpose, the given steps are performed. 

Step 1: From your Play Store interface, tap the “Profile” icon and enter “Settings”.

Step 2: Next, tap on the “App download preference” option.

Step 3: Ensure that the “Over any network” option is selected. 

Long Short Story

You can update your app from the Play Store in two possible ways. Either manually or enabling the automatic updates. For a manual method, open your Play Store, tap on the “Profile” icon, go to the “Manage apps and device” and update the apps. For automatic updates, open the Play Store settings and turn on the “Auto-update apps” in the “Network preferences”. If you have to install any app using an APK file, uninstall it and re-download the latest version of the app from the website. If you are facing any error while updating the Play Store apps, there are various possible fixes we provided in the above guide.