A simple text message is good but a stylish one attracts a larger audience. Discord is a globally utilized messaging app for text/voice and video chats. Since it comes with many great features, marking down the text is one of them. More precisely, strikethrough (cross out) is the text in which a line crosses a particular message. It is useful in scenarios when the user wants to seek attention to the message without bolding the text. 

The purpose of this guide is to provide instructions to strikethrough text on Discord.

How to Strikethrough Text on Discord on Android/IOS?

To cross out/strikethrough text on Discord Android/IOS, the approximate (Tilde) sign (~) is used. You just have to wrap your text with a double approximate (Tilde) sign (~) at both ends. For this, check out the practical instructions below.

Step 1: Open Discord, select the respective server, and go to the specific text channel.

Step 2: In the text channel, type a message and wrap it with the double approximate (Tilde) sign (~).

Step 3: Lastly, send the message and check the results. 

How to Strikethrough the Text on Discord on Desktop?

For desktop users of Discord, there are 2 possible ways to cross out/strikethrough the text. Either by using manual (text markdown) as we did in the above section or context menu. See both methods in the below section. 

Method 1: Using Text Markdown

To strikethrough the text using text markdown on the desktop app, quickly look at the following 2 steps and check the results. 

Step 1: Open Discord Server

Open the particular Discord server and go to the desired text channel:

Step 2: Strikethrough the Text

Afterward, type the text message, wrap it with the double approximate (Tilde) sign (~), and send it:

Verify the Results

It can be seen that the message is sent in the strikethrough format:

Method 2: Using Context Menu

Another possible way to strike through the text on Discord desktop is by using the context menu. For this, just type your message in the respective text channel, select the whole message, and click on the “S” icon. The practical instructions are shown in the following GIF:

Discord Text Formatting Table

Apart from the Strikethrough text, Discord markdown allows the following text type formatting.

Text TypeSyntaxOutput
Italics*<Your Text>*
Or _<Your Text>_
Bold**<Your Text>**LinuxHint
Bold Italic***<Your Text>***LinuxHint
Headers# Big Header
## Small Header
### More Small Header
Big Header
Small Header
More Small Header
Underline__<your text> __LinuxHint
Masked Links[<Your Text>](Link)LinuxHint
Code Blocks`<Your Text>`LinuxHint
Black Quotes> <Your Text>|LinuxHint
Lists* <Your Text>
Or – <Your Text>

Just copy any of the desired syntaxes for text formatting type, replace “<Your Text>” with the required text, and send it. 

Final Look

To strikethrough/cross out the text on Discord, wrap your text message with the double approximate (Tilde) sign (~), and send it. You can follow these instructions on the Android/IOS/Desktop application of Discord. For desktop users, you can also strikethrough the text by selecting the text message and clicking on the “S” icon. This tutorial has written the instructions to strikethrough text on Discord. Other than that, a table has also been provided that teaches all types of text formatting on Discord with syntax and output.