Bookmarks play an important role in making users’ favorite websites/links easily accessible. Whether you are a professional or a beginner, bookmarks save much of your time while navigating through daily life internet tasks. Nowadays, bookmarks are a necessity that can be found in almost every browser, including Opera.

Opera is one of those browsers that focuses on security and privacy along with the compatibility of various features, such as making the bookmarks exportable and importable for every browser.

So, here’s how to export bookmarks from Opera into the device storage and use them whenever needed.

Exporting Bookmarks from Opera and Saving Them

Opera browser bookmarks can be exported using desktop devices only. To export the bookmarks, follow the below-mentioned methods:

  1. Using Opera Bookmarks Manager
  2. Using Opera Extension

Let’s get started with the first method!

Method 1: Exporting Bookmarks Using Opera Bookmarks Manager

The Opera bookmarks manager page is self-explanatory as it indicates that it will be used to manage bookmarks. Navigate toward this page by using the given URL in the Opera default address bar.


In the bottom left, click on Import/Export… to open a dropdown and choose Export bookmarks.

Select the directory as per your preference to keep the file and press the “Save” button.

After doing so, a file in HTML format will be downloaded successfully within the allocated directory.

Method 2: Exporting Bookmarks Using Extension

Extensions are a great way to extend browser functionality and integrate new features. Utilize the “Selective Bookmarks Export Tool” to export the bookmarks from Opera. 

Consider using the Chrome web store to add extensions to Opera or follow this link to directly access the extension page from the store. After that, tap on the rectangle shape button containing the text “Add to Opera

An alert box will appear from the top; click the “Add extension” button. Doing so will integrate the “Selective Bookmarks Export Tool” into the browser successfully.

In Opera, select the small 3D box from the top right corner as it contains all added extensions. Simply select the “Selective Bookmarks Export Tool” by clicking on it.

Now, check the “Bookmarks bar” to collectively select all the below-listed bookmarks and press the “Export” button.

This will save the Bookmarks file in the downloads directory.

Backup Opera Bookmarks

Saving bookmarks locally is great, however, taking a backup on the cloud is an excellent choice. Opera bookmark’s exported file is in HTML format and the size is often in kilobytes (KB). OneDrive, Google Drive, or Dropbox can be utilized to store the Opera bookmarks for future use. 

A Handy Tool –Opera Bookmarks

Bookmarks are the fastest way to access your favorite websites instantly. A horizontal panel filled with your saved websites that appears under the browser address bar provides ease of access while navigating through sites. To not lose the handpicked sites from that bar, ensure exporting Opera bookmarks data at your first priority. Such data can be imported and used in different browsers, such as Firefox and Chrome.