It’s inevitable that over time, your Windows 10 computer will become bogged down with the countless applications and services you have in use. One of those may be the Microsoft Store – which is essential for downloading apps, games, and much more. At times, it might start to malfunction due to a corrupted cache or history. If that’s the case, it’s important to know how to reset Microsoft Store and clear Windows Store cache on your computer. In this article, you’ll learn how to do just that. 

What is the Microsoft Store? 

The Microsoft Store (formerly known as the Windows Store) is an online digital distribution platform for buying and downloading apps, games, and software for Windows 10 computers, phones, tablets, and Xbox consoles. It’s an essential part of the Windows ecosystem that allows users to easily access a huge catalog of digital content from various developers.

Why Reset Microsoft Store or Clear Windows Store Cache? 

Resetting the Microsoft Store or clearing out its cache is usually the best course of action if it stops working properly. This should fix most issues with the Windows Store, as it helps clear out corrupted files that might be causing problems. The Microsoft Store can also become slow and unresponsive over time due to a buildup of cache data – resetting or clearing the cache will help speed things up again.

How To Reset Microsoft Store Or Clear Windows Store Cache? 

The quickest way to reset the Microsoft Store or clear Windows Store cache is by using a tool called WSReset. This tool was designed to troubleshoot issues with the Microsoft Store, and it does so by clearing out all of its cached data. Here’s how to use it:

Open the Start Menu, type “wsreset.exe” into the search bar, and hit Enter to launch the tool. 

This will reset the Microsoft Store app and clear its cache data.

Alternatively, you can open Command Prompt 

and type in the following command: 

WSReset.exe /restart 

This will do the same thing as launching the wsreset.exe file from the Start Menu, and it should help to fix any problems with the Microsoft Store.

If you’d rather reset the Microsoft Store manually, then you can do so by opening up Settings

and navigating to Apps 

> Apps & Features. 

Locate “Microsoft Store” from the list of apps, click on it, and select Advanced Options. 

Here, you can click on the “Reset” button to reset the app and clear out its cache data.

Finally, if you’re still having problems with the Microsoft Store, then you may have some corrupted files that need to be fixed. 

To do this, open up the Command Prompt 

and type in “sfc /scannow” (without quotes). 

This will scan your computer for any corrupted or missing system files and fix them as necessary.

Resetting Microsoft Store or clearing Windows Store cache can help fix a variety of different issues, such as apps not loading, slow performance, and more. Using one (or all) of the above methods should help to resolve any problems you’re having with the store. 


Resetting Microsoft Store or clearing Windows Store cache is an effective way to fix a variety of issues, including apps not loading, slow performance, and more. Knowing how to reset the store manually or via command prompt can help resolve any problems you may be having with the Microsoft Store. Additionally, it’s important to be aware of corrupted files as they may need to be fixed in order for the store to function properly.