Many people have been drawn in by Windows 11’s modern and stylish style, but if you’re happy with Windows 10 and still want that brand-new look, you’re in for a treat. Without the need for advanced technical knowledge, you can make your Windows 10 look exactly like the Windows 11. 

This post will show you how to follow a few straightforward steps to give your Windows 10 the sleek style of Windows 11.

How to Make Windows 10 Look Like Windows 11?

To make Windows 10 look like Windows 11, try the following tweaks on your Windows 10 OS after creating a Restore Point:

Create a Restore Point

The purpose of creating a restore point is to protect the system from disasters by rolling it back to the previous state. Sometimes changes may go wrong and you want to restore it. To create a store point follow the below procedure:

Step 1: Open the Create a Restore Point

Use the Windows Start menu to trigger the launch of Create a restore point utility:

Step 2: Create a Restore Point

After having the restore window, click on the Create button to create a restore point:

Step 3: Set the Identity for the Restore 

Lastly, name the restore point and click on the OK button to confirm the procedure:

Change the Windows 10 Theme to Windows 11

After creating a restore point, change the Windows theme without any hesitation. Before going for changes you have to know that there is no direct method to change your Windows 10 theme to Windows 11. It requires third-party tools to change the theme. 

Step 1: Download the SecureUxTheme to Patch Themes

SecureUxTheme is used to patch the theme of Windows; to install the themes, download it via the official GitHub link to download the SecureUXTheme:

Step 2: Install the SecureUxTheme

After downloading the SecureUxTheme, navigate to the default Downloads folder, launch it, and hit the Install button to begin the installation process:

Note: Once the installation it will automatically reboot the system.

Step 3: Download Windows 11 Theme for Windows 10

Before going to start the process download the required Windows 11 theme. For themes, Deviantart is the best site, which provides thousands of free themes and icons for operating systems. To download the Windows 11 theme for Windows 10, use the Deviantart website

Once the downloading is complete, extract the file from the zip file:

Step 4: Change the Theme 

After extraction of the files, navigate to the folder named Windows 10-11 and choose the Windows theme. From here, copy all the files:

Paste the copied files into the directory C ? Windows ? Resources ? Themes:

After completing the above process, re-run the SecureUxTheme. Select the theme as per your choice and hit the “Patch and Apply” button:

This will change oyur system’s theme from Windows 10 to Windows 11.

Change the Icons

After changing the theme of Windows 10 to 11, now the next step is to change the icons because the theme change will not be enough for Windows 10 to look like Windows 11. To change the icon of the windows follow the below guide:

Step 1: Download the Tools

Similarly, you can’t change the icons directly; you need third-party tools to do this job.  DeviantArt provides many tools through which you can change your icon. Click on the link to download the Devianart tool for Windows:

Step 2: Rename the File 

Once the downloading is completed, Unzip the file. After that locate the highlighted folder and rename each file in that folder by removing “.remove”:

Step 3: Patch the Icon

To patch the icon, use thge on the Add a Custom Pack button and select the file from the 7TSP Themes for .. and Higher. After that click on the Start Patching button to start the process:

Note: Once the Patching is completed, reboot the system

Centered the Taskbar Icon

After that, remains the  customization of the Taskbar icon. The taskbar on both versions is different. Windows 11 has an icon in the center while Windows 10 icons start from the left side of the taskbar. Similar case with the search bar. To place the icon in the middle of the task, follow the below procedure:

Step 1: Download the Third-Party Tool

TaskbarX is a portable taskbar customization tool. To use his tool to center the icon, click on the link to download it from GitHub:

Step 2: Extract the Folder 

Right-Click on the downloaded file and select Extract the files:

Step 3: Run the TaskbarX

It is a portable tool, meaning it does not require the installation. Simply click on the application file named TakbarX Configurator to open it:

At the end simply click on the Apply button without any changings:

You can notice the changes in the taskbar, taskbar with centered icons. One thing is still remaining and that is the search bar because Windows 11 has a centered search bar. Unfortunately, there is no classified method through which you can move the search bar toward the center.


You can quickly and easily make your Windows 10 look like Windows 11 by following a few easy steps. You can obtain a modern look without switching to a new OS by making little tweaks, using simple tools, and adding a little creativity. Enjoy the comfort of Windows 10 and the class of Windows 11 to get the best of both worlds.