Microsoft has just announced the release of Windows 10, but before you can go and get yourself a copy, hear this first; it’s not available just yet to be purchased.

If you wish to install Windows 10, you must download the evaluation ISO copy or Windows 10 Technical Preview copy which is available for free for testing purposes only. This brief tutorial is going to show you how to do that if you don’t already know.

For more about Windows 10, please go here and see what’s Microsoft has to say about it. I am not going to be saying much here about it because I haven’t tested it.

So, to get a tech preview ISO copy, go and register for an account to join Windows Insider Program. The Insider Program allows tech professionals, and IP enthusiasts to preview Microsoft newest operating systems before they’re released to the public.

  • Join Microsoft Insider Program

To get Windows 10 right now, you must go and join Microsoft Insider Program, it’s free. Just go to the link below and sign up if you don’t already have a, or account.

If you do have one of the above accounts, then you’ll be able to sign on and download an ISO copy of Windows 10.


  • Download The ISO File

Next go the technical preview link to download the ISO file. You can then burn the ISO file onto a CD/DVD and boot your computer from it. The ISO file should also work if you have virtual software like VirtualBox or WMware Workstation installed.

Since Windows 10 is still in beta or previews state, don’t install it as a production environment. There will be a time that Microsoft will disable this previous version and force your to purchase a copy to use.

So, use it only for testing purposes and nothing else.

After you’ve downloaded a copy of the ISO file, burn it to a CD/DVD. Or use a virtualization to test. When you boot Windows, it will prompted you whether to upgrade or perform a custom installation.

Select custom installation to continue.

windows 10 installation


Windows file will begin to copy and install. Wait until the installation is complete and Windows has rebooted. After that, you’ll be prompted to customize the installation or use express settings.

The express settings option works OK.


Windows 10 installation


If you want to create a local account and not a Microsoft online account, then select the option to create a new account. If you want to use your Microsoft Online account to sign on, then type your email address and password below to sign on.


windows 10 custom installation


Again, if you wish to sign on with local account and now with a Microsoft online account, click the link the reads Sign in without a Microsoft account.

This option will allow you to create a local username and password and use them to always sign on.


windows 10 installation


Next, create your username and password to sign on. Then wait for Windows to log you on. That’s how Windows 10 desktop looks like.


windows 10 desktop



That’s it!