Ubuntu, a powerful and modern operating system can perform many tasks. You can use Ubuntu to create documents, browse the internet, listen to music and burn or copy media discs.

Just like Windows and Mac OS X, Ubuntu is super!

This brief tutorial is going to show you how to copy, rip or burn a CD/DVD disc using Ubuntu. If you have a disc which contain an audio file (music) or video file (movies) and you want to duplicate the disc (create multiple copies), you can easily do it using Ubuntu.

If you already audio or video files that you would like to copy to a media disc (CD/DVD), Ubuntu can handle that too. There are many free programs you can install in Ubuntu to burn or rip a CD/DVD disc but Ubuntu comes with a default program that’s already installed. We’re going to be using the default program to copy or rip a CD/DVD disc.

Brasero Disc Burner comes with every edition of Ubuntu. It’s the default disc burner in Ubuntu. It’s designed to be as simple as possible with unique features to enable user to create disc quickly and easily.

Some of the features of Brasero are listed below:

  • Creates Data CD/DVD while automatically filtering for hidden and broken files
  • Supports multiple sessions and can perform disk file integrity
  • Can burn audio CD/DVD on the fly
  • Can copy a CD/DVD to the system hard drive
  • Can erase CD/DVD

and many more functions. If you looking for a simple disc burner in Ubuntu, check out this program first before anything else.

To get started with burning a CD/DVD disc using Brasero, make sure your computer has a CD/DVD burner. If not, you won’t be able to do it. If your computer meets the requirements, insert the CD/DVD with the data you wish to rip, then go to Dash and search for Brasero.

When it opens, select Disk copy. This feature copies the content of one disc and write it to another. If that’s what you want then continue.




Brasero will open and automatically recognize the content on the disc if Ubuntu is able to access your CD/DVD burner. From there you can click Copy to create a single copy from the source disc. If you wish to make multiple copies, click the button ‘Make Several Copies’




When prompted to install a required package, click ‘Install’




After installing, Brasero will begin copying the disc. If the disc is finally done copying, it will prompt you to insert a blank writable CD/DVD disc to write to. Insert it and wait for it to finish writing the content to the disc.

When you’re done, remove it and enjoy!