When it comes to Windows 8 and 8.1, there are many different views. Majority of those views are expressed by folks with less favorable ratings of Microsoft’s newest operating system. But one thing is true, whether you’re against Window 8 / 8.1 or for it, the Windows Key + X combination are the two most useful keys to operate Windows 8  and 8.1.

I personally think Windows 8 with Metro should be on tablets and mobile devices only with touch based screen. For desktop computers, the traditional Windows Desktop with the start button should be made available for folks who want it.

Now, if you’ve just upgraded to Windows 8 and everything seems new and strange, don’t panic. Make these two keys on your keyboard your favorites. The Windows Key + X. The Windows Key is the key to the left of your spacebar with Windows logo on it.

You see, most power users tools like the control panel, shutdown / restart / logout, run box and others are all buried in deep Metro. If you’re new to Metro, then finding some of these tools may be difficult.

But thanks to the Windows Key + X combination, you should be able to access them easily. So, to quickly access the Shutdown / Restart buttons or Device Manager and the Control Panel, press the Windows Key + X.




There you go. Now, to uninstall programs, select Programs and Features. To adjust your computer power options, click ‘Power Options.

Hope this helps, and keep coming back for more tutorials.