Microsoft released a non-security update for Outlook as part of a batch of updates to resolve a vulnerability in Microsoft Outlook, but that non-security update also remove the folder pane from Outlook after installing it. The vulnerability the batch of updates were released to fix is critical and could allow remote code execution if a user opens or preview specially crafted emails.

This vulnerability will only affect users who are configured with administrative rights on the local machine. If your account is configure with less rights, this vulnerability may not affect you.

Now after installing the update over the weekend, I quickly found out that my folder pane was gone when I opened Outlook. If you’re experiencing the same program, you may want to remove the non-security update.

Here’s how Outlook looks with the non-security update (KB2817630)




Now to fix the issue, you will want to remove the update that is causing this issue from your machine. It looks like Microsoft has already remove it from it update repository after receiving complaints from users.

If you haven’t already downloaded the update, then you’re good. If you have and missing the folder pane as shown above, then continue below.

In Windows 7, go to Start –> Control Panel—> Programs (Uninstall a program)

To get to the control panel when using Windows 8, press the Windows Key + X on your keyboard and select Control Panel from the tool menu. The Windows Key is the key on your keyboard when Windows logo to the left of the spacebar.





Next, click the link to reads ‘View installed updates’ from the list of the page.




Finally, look for the update with KB2817630 in the update list and uninstall by right-clicking it and selecting Uninstall.




Restart your computer. Hopefully, the issue will be resolved and your folder pane should appear again. If not, go back to the Control Panel  –> Programs –> Uninstall or Change Programs and select Outlook Programs. Then click the Change bottom.




Next, select Repair or Add / Remove features. Don’t change anything, and click Continue on the next page. Outlook should repair itself and restore the default settings.