As you probably already by now, Windows 8 comes with a feature introduced in Microsoft Windows Vista called User Account Control (UAC) that prompts you everytime you wish to make changes or modify your computer’s settings. This feature aims to improve security in Microsoft Windows, and turning it off leaves your system vulnerable to the dark side of the Internet.

On good thing about it is, you an adjust the security level or totally turn if off so you never get prompted again, but doing so will leave your system’s security wide open. And only users with administrative privileges can change the permission level of turn it off.

This brief tutorial shows you how to turn down the security level or completely disable it in Windows 8. When UAC is disabled, you won’t be prompted when installing programs, changing your system’s setting or disabling features.

To get started, press the Windows Key + X on your keyboard to open Windows 8 Tools Menu. When it opens, select ‘Control Panel’




Next, select ‘User Account and Family Safety’




Then click ‘User Accounts’




Next, click ‘Change User Account Control settings’




Finally,  use the slider to adjust the security level. To disable it, move it all the way down. Click ‘OK’ when done.