Here’s one Windows secret that you probably already know – the more programs and services that are started automatically when you sign into Windows, the slower your computer runs. If you want for your PC to sign you in and run a bit faster, you may have to stop and disable some unnecessary programs from launching every time you login Windows 8.

This brief tutorial is going to show you how to use Task Manager in Windows 8 to help you disable unneeded startup programs. The new Task Manager in Windows 8 includes App history and Startup tabs that let you view apps history and manage startup programs and services.

Although msconfig still works in Windows 8 as in previous versions of Windows, identifying and managing startup programs and services is done better and easier from the Task Manager in Windows 8.

To get started, press the Windows Key + X to launch Windows 8 Tools Manu. When it opens, select ‘Task Manager’ from the list. Alternatively, you can press Ctrl – Shift – Esc keys to launch Task Manager.




Next, select the Startup tab and search for programs you wish to disable from automatically startup when Windows starts. Task Manager also tells you the Startup impact the program has on your overall system’s performance. If you know the program well and you wish to disable it from starting up, select it and click ‘Disable’




Remember that some startup programs are very important to your system overall stability. If you disable it, you system may not function properly. If you don’t know much about the program in question, right-click it and select ‘Search online’ . You will find what’s it about and why you system may need it to start automatically.




That’s it! Again, use this with caution. If you don’t know anything about the program and why it’s being started automatically, you best bet is to leave it alone.