VidShot Capturer is a screen capturing or screencaster program that helps you quickly capture and record your desktop session, then convert it into a video file that can be shared and viewed online or via popular media players. We discussed similar program in Ubuntu not too long ago called Kazam which helps accomplish the same goal.

This is a great program for those who want to be able to create video tutorials, or teach others using video presentations. Video tutorials are superior to screenshots because they show you how stuff are done while it’s being done on the screen. VidShot is very lightweight and easy program to use. It supports Windows XP through 7.

Here are some of the features in VidShot. It allows you to capture videos from your desktop, program windows, region of your desktop, automatic video options, frame rate settings and has a cool interface.

To get started, go and download VidShot Capturer and run it. Choose the default installation options. On this screen, click ‘Install’ to begin the installation.




After installing, choose where to save the video files and what and where you wish to capture. Desktop, Region or Window. When ready click ‘Start’




To stop the recording, press F9 on your keyboard of click on VidShot icon from the tray at the bottom right corner.