In this tutorial, I’m going to show you how to switch a local account in Windows 8 to Microsoft Online Account.
There are two primary account types in Windows 8: Local Account and Microsoft Online Account. If a user is assigned Local Account type, he/she will use a local account profile to login. This account is similar to that in Windows 7 and previous.

Microsoft Online Account uses your online accounts like or to sign you in to Windows 8. This account type lets you synchronize your online profiles, images, data and access them from anywhere using any Windows 8 computer.


  • Convert Local Account in Windows 8 to Microsoft Online Account
  • Enjoy!

To get started, gradually move and hover your mouse to the right corner of your display (bottom or top) to show the Charms bar. Or press Windows Key + C

When it opens, select ‘Settings’



Then click ‘Change PC Settings’



On the list, select ‘Users’ and below the account you wish to switch, click ‘Switch to a Microsoft account’.




Then type your current password to begin the process.




Next, type your online account email address. This can be a or address.




Next,  you’ll get prompted to enter your password to sign into your online account.




Then verify your info and make any changes you want before continuing.




Finally, click Finish. Restart and your online account will be used to sign in.




To change it back to a local account follow the same process.