Enable / Disable Offline Files in Windows 8

This tip shows you how to enable or disable offline files feature in Windows 8. Offline files is the same as in Windows 7, except it’s now a bit difficult to find. It has the same purpose which is to make network resources (files) available to you even if you’re not connected to the network. This can come in handy especially for remote workers that need access to network resources offline.

To get started, press Windows Key + W to open Search Charm for Settings. Or move and hover your mouse at the bottom your screen to show the Charms bar, select ‘Search’, then ‘Settings’

When it opens, type ‘offline’ and select the result for Manage offline files.




Next, if the feature is already disabled, click ‘Enable offline files’ to turn if on.




Or click ‘Disable offline files’ to turn the feature off.




That’s all!

5 thoughts on “Enable / Disable Offline Files in Windows 8”

  1. Important information: your description is functioning only with Windows 8 Pro. Normal Windows 8 doesn’t support offline files.

  2. Online / Offline Files via VPN access

    When you connect in via VPN and open Windows explorer you may notice that only the Folder set to be available offline is available and the rest have a Grey X through them even though you are ONLINE.

    To fix this simply look for the EASY ACCESS drop down on the ‘Ribbon’ (toolbar in old skool) and click the ‘Work Offline’ option

    As if by magic your files go online

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