Google Earth version 7 is finally released for desktop clients after first being released on mobile devices.

With this update, 5 new cities were also included: Austin, Texas; Phoenix, Arizona; Mannheim, Germany; Avignon, France and Munich, Germany.

You can now install it in Windows, Mac and Linux systems, including Ubuntu. We’ve already shown you how to install it in Ubuntu. To read that post, please click here.

To install it in Windows or Mac systems, go to Google Earth 7 website and download a version for your system.

The site can be found here.


Copy and paste the commands below to the terminal to download the latest Google Earth 7



Run this to install.

sudo dpkg -i google-earth*


If the above commands fail to install it, immediately run the commands below to force the installation.

sudo apt-get install -f


For 64-bit, download Google Earth 7 here.