Few weeks back we showed you how to upgrade to Ubuntu 12.04 from 10.04. That tutorial showed you how to do it from Ubuntu Desktop. Doing it from the desktop is easy and is the best option for new users. To read that post, click here.

However, Ubuntu can also be upgraded via the command console and for some users, this method is the easiest and fastest. This brief tutorial will show you how to upgrade Ubuntu via the command console if you prefer this method.




  • Upgrade to Ubuntu 12.04 (Precise Pangolin) from Ubuntu 10.04 (Lucid Lynx) via the Terminal
  • Enjoy!


To get started, press Ctrl – Alt – T on your keyboard to open the Terminal. When it opens, run the commands below to install update-manager-core if isn’t already installed.


sudo apt-get install update-manager-core




Next, run the commands below to open update-manager’s release upgrade file.

sudo vi /etc/update-manager/release-upgrades




Then, change the line with prompt in the file to prompt=lts if it’s not already set to lts. To change it, scroll down to the line press the X key on the keyboard to delete each character. Then hit the I key and begin typing the new line. When you’re done, press Esc key, then type :wq to save and exit.

Next, run the commands below to update all packages installed before you upgrade.

sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade & sudo apt-get autoremove


Finally, run the commands below to begin the upgrade process.

sudo do-release-upgrade




When ask if you want to continue with the upgrade, type Y for yes.