Want to automatically mount Windows NTFS partitions in Ubuntu? Well, this brief tutorial is going to show you how. Now Ubuntu comes with support for NTFS partitions right out of the box. No need to install third party tools to make this work as you would previously. It can be partitions on internal / external IDE, SCSI drives, or thumb USB drives. Wherever the partition lives, you should be able to auto mount it in Ubuntu. This will allow you access to data on the drive from Ubuntu without re-partitioning it.


  • Automatically Mount Windows NTFS Partitions in Ubuntu 12.04
  • Enjoy!

To get started, press Ctrl – Alt – T on your keyboard to open Terminal. When terminal opens, run the commands below to view all partitions on your system. At this point, the drive should already be attached to your Ubuntu machine.

sudo blkid




Next, take note of the highlighted line shown. Here you’ll be able to see the device id (UUID) and the file system types. Record the device ID as we’re going to be using it.




Next, run the commands below to open the fstab file.




Then add the line show below at the bottom of the file and save it.

UUID=xxxxxxxxxxx /mnt/Windows ntfs users,defaults 0 0 




After that, run the commands below to create the mount point you specified in the fstab file.

sudo mkdir /mnt/Windows




Next, make yourself owner of the mount point by running the commands below

sudo chown <username> /mnt/Windows



Replace <username> with your username.


Restart your computer and go to /mnt/Windows to access the data.