Pop!_OS, developed by System76, is a Linux distribution that has gained popularity for its user-friendly interface, excellent performance, and robust customizations. It’s designed with both beginners and experienced Linux users in mind, offering a seamless experience for those who want to dive into the world of open-source software. 

One of the key elements in enhancing your Linux experience with Pop!_OS is the selection of the right applications. In this article, we’ll explore some of the top apps that can elevate your Pop!_OS experience to new heights.

System76’s Pop!_Shop

Pop!_OS comes with its own dedicated app store known as Pop!_Shop. This is your one-stop-shop for all things Pop!_OS and beyond. The store is packed with an impressive collection of software including open-source and proprietary applications. Pop!_Shop is user-friendly and streamlined, making it easy for you to discover, install, and update the software. It’s a must-have for anyone using Pop!_OS.

GNOME Tweaks

Pop!_OS is built on top of GNOME, a popular Linux desktop environment. GNOME Tweaks is a valuable tool for fine-tuning and customizing your desktop experience. You can easily change the themes, icons, fonts, and other visual elements of your desktop. This flexibility is what makes Linux so appealing, and GNOME Tweaks is your gateway to personalizing Pop!_OS to your heart’s content.


Visual Studio Code, often abbreviated as VSCode, is a popular code editor developed by Microsoft. It’s widely used by developers for its powerful features and extensions that cater to various programming languages. Whether you’re a seasoned developer or just getting started with coding, VSCode is a versatile and essential tool for your workflow on Pop!_OS.


For office productivity, LibreOffice is the go-to choice on Pop!_OS. It’s a free, open-source office suite that includes applications like Writer (word processing), Calc (spreadsheet), and Impress (presentation). With LibreOffice, you can create and edit the documents, spreadsheets, and presentations without the need for expensive proprietary alternatives.


The GNU Image Manipulation Program (GIMP) is a powerful and open-source alternative to Adobe Photoshop. It’s perfect for image editing, retouching, and graphic design. GIMP offers a wide range of tools and features that can help you unleash your creativity. If you’re a graphic designer or you simply want to edit the images, GIMP is a must-have application for Pop!_OS.

Mozilla Firefox

While Pop!_OS comes with the Epiphany web browser by default, Mozilla Firefox is a popular alternative. It’s known for its speed, privacy features, and an extensive library of extensions and add-ons. Whether you’re browsing the web or developing the web applications, Firefox is a versatile browser that enhances your internet experience on Pop!_OS.


If you’re a gamer, Pop!_OS is a great choice, thanks to its compatibility with gaming and the availability of Steam. Steam is a popular gaming platform that provides access to a vast library of games, both native to Linux and Windows titles playable through Proton. Pop!_OS’s compatibility with Steam ensures that you can enjoy your favorite games without hassle.

OBS Studio

Open Broadcaster Software (OBS Studio) is an open-source software for live streaming and recording. Whether you’re a content creator, streamer, or you just want to record your screen, OBS Studio is a powerful tool that works seamlessly on Pop!_OS. It’s a fantastic choice for creating tutorials, streaming a gameplay, or hosting webinars.


For email, Mozilla Thunderbird is a robust, open-source email client. It offers a range of features including email organization, encryption, and add-on support. Thunderbird is an excellent choice for managing your email accounts efficiently on Pop!_OS.


If you need to run the virtual machines on Pop!_OS, VirtualBox is an excellent virtualization software. It enables you to run multiple operating systems within your Linux environment. This can be especially useful for software testing, running other Linux distributions, or experimenting with different operating systems.


Backups are crucial, and Timeshift is an essential tool for creating system snapshots and restoring your Pop!_OS installation to a previous state. This can be a lifesaver if something goes wrong during an update or if you want to experiment with system configurations without risking the data loss.


For users who rely on Google Drive and want a seamless integration, Insync is the solution. It’s a paid application that provides a user-friendly experience for synchronizing your Google Drive files with your local storage. Insync offers advanced features and exceptional support.

VLC Media Player

When it comes to media playback, VLC Media Player is a versatile and open-source solution. It can handle a wide range of multimedia files and formats, making it the ideal choice for watching videos and listening to music on Pop!_OS.


If you prefer Dropbox for cloud storage and file sharing, the Dropbox Linux client is available for Pop!_OS. This allows you to synchronize your files seamlessly with the popular cloud storage service, making it a valuable addition to your Pop!_OS app collection.


Kdenlive is a robust and open-source video editing software for Pop!_OS. It provides a wide range of features for video editing, making it suitable for both amateur video creators and professionals. Whether you’re editing home videos or working on a complex project, Kdenlive is a powerful tool to have in your arsenal.


Pop!_OS offers an excellent Linux experience with a range of applications that cater to various needs and preferences. Whether you’re a developer, gamer, content creator, or office worker, the applications that are mentioned in this article can help you maximize your Pop!_OS experience. With the right software, you can enjoy a seamless and productive experience on this Linux distribution while embracing the world of open-source technology.

Pop!_OS’s commitment to user-friendliness, combined with these top apps, makes it a compelling choice for both newcomers to Linux and seasoned open-source enthusiasts.