Sometimes the switching of operating systems can be challenging, especially when you change the overall architecture of the operating systems. It affects productivity as well as causes many issues regarding operating systems and application programs. Especially when you are a Windows user and switch on a Linux distribution. But now with the development of operating systems, it has made it possible to run cross-platform applications. Wine is one of them. Wine provides the facility to run Windows-based applications on Linux distributions. We can use and install Windows applications on Ubuntu 22 with the help of  Wine.

The following article will explore, that how you can install and use Windows-based applications on Ubuntu 22.

How to Run Windows Programs on Ubuntu with Wine?

Wine provides the facility to run and execute Windows applications on Ubuntu 22. In the past, it was not possible to install and use cross-platform applications in different operating systems. It has become possible with the help of Wine, which provides an installation layer for various Windows applications to be installed on Ubuntu 22. If you want to run Windows applications on Ubuntu 22 follow these steps:

Step 1: Install Wine and Winetricks

Execute the given command and install the both packages, Wine and Winetrics:

$ sudo apt-get install wine winetricks -y

The command installs wine and winetricks packages:

After installation launch the application, by simply typing “winetricks” in the terminal:

$ winetricks

The command configures the package:

Step 2: Launch the Winetricks

When the Winetrick is installed, it asks for the following options to select. As we are going to install and use a Windows application, select the “Install an application” option from the “What you want to do?” menu:

Step 3: Choose the Application and Install the Package

As you select the “Install an application” option the winetricks packages window will appear:

Step 4: VLC Installation

Select the package you want to install and click OK. In my case, I want to install a VLC media player:

After clicking the OK button it will ask for a couple of confirmations, click on “Yes”:

Then click OK:

The downloading of installation will be started:

When the downloading process completes, the installation process of VLC starts automatically:

The installation wizard of VLC appears, click on “Yes”:

Read the license agreement and click on Next:

Choose the components you want to install and click Next:

Finally choose the location where you want to install it and click the Install button:

Installing VLC window appears:

Click on the Finish button, when the installation wizard completes the installation:

As you click on the Finish button VLC media player window will appear:

Now you can VLC media player on Ubuntu 22. By following this method you can install any Windows-based application on Ubuntu 22.  


To run Windows applications on Ubuntu, we can install them with the help of Wine and Winetricks. These are the packages that enable us to install Windows-based applications on the Ubuntu Linux distribution. This article has elaborated, on how to install and use Windows programs on Ubuntu.