Anaconda is a free and open-source Data Science platform. There are many software packages included that are used in the domain of Data Science like Python, Rstudio, JupyterLab, Jupyter Notebook, Pycharm, Orange3, Spyder, etc. These packages are extensively used in Data Analysis, Data Mining, and in Python development. Anaconda has some software pre-installed, and you can use them, it also provides the facility to install any software if you want to use it. We can also use Anaconda as an IDE for Python.  

In this article, we discuss the installation process of Anaconda on Ubuntu 22.04. Follow this guide to install Anaconda if you are using Ubuntu 22.04.

How to Install Anaconda On Ubuntu 22.04?

Anaconda is considered a powerful tool for Data Science. It is also used for Python development as an IDE. If you want to use Anaconda on Ubuntu 22.04, you must install it first, because it does not come with the default installation of Ubuntu OS. 

Here is a step-by-step guide to installing Anaconda on Ubuntu 22.04:

Step 1:Update Existing Packages

It is recommended to update the packages, whenever you want to install a new version of any software on any Linux-based distribution. So that the system dependencies can be installed properly. To update the existing packages, launch the terminal by pressing “CTRL + ALT + t”. Now type the following command in the terminal:

$ sudo apt update

The command will update the packages:

Step 2:Install the Curl Package

Now install the curl package, which will enable us to download the Anaconda package. Use the following command to install curl:

$ sudo apt install curl -y

The command will install the curl package:

Now we are ready to install the Anaconda on our system.

Step 3: Repository for Anaconda Installer

Before installing the Anaconda, we have to prepare a repository for the installation of Anaconda. For this purpose use the “cd” command to change the directory to “tmp” location. In this location, we will install the Anaconda. Use the following command to change the directory:

$ cd tmp

The command will change the directory to tmp:

For downloading the script of the Anaconda installer, use the curl command along with the link of the installer. Type the following command in the terminal:

$ curl -output

The command will download the script of Anaconda Installer:

Run the following command to check the Anaconda script checksum:

$ sha256sum

The command will display the checksum code along with the

Step 4:Install Anaconda

To install Anaconda run the following command in the terminal:

$ bash

The command will display the message to agree with the License Agreement, press Enter to review::

The following documentation will be displayed in the terminal:

After reviewing the license agreement, type yes to accept the terms:

Now provide the location where you want to install the Anaconda:

If you want to go with the default location as provided by the installer, just Press the Enter key to confirm the location. After this, it will take some time to install the Anaconda:

After some minutes, you will see the message “Thank you for installing anaconda3”:

Step 5: Environment Activation

Now, we have installed Anaconda3, but we have to activate the environment settings so that we can run the Anaconda from the terminal. For setting up the environment, type the following command in the terminal:

$ source ~/.bashrc

The command will set the environment settings for the Anaconda:

Now, we are all set, and ready to launch the Anaconda. 

Step 6: Open the Anaconda Navigator

We have installed the Anaconda3 successfully. Now, if you want to open the Anaconda, type the following command in the terminal:

$ anaconda-navigator

The command will open the anaconda navigator:

The following pre-loader will display for a few seconds:

It will take some time to open the anaconda navigator and then the following screen will be displayed:

Now you can use any installed package on Anaconda.

This is how you can install and run Anaconda on Ubuntu 22.04. 

Step 7: Uninstall Anaconda 

If you want to uninstall Anaconda from your Ubuntu system, type the following command in the terminal:

$ rm -rf ~/anaconda3

The command will uninstall the Anaconda3 from your system:


To install Anaconda on Ubuntu 22.04, update the existing packages, and download the Anaconda installer scripts using the curl command. Then you can install the anaconda by using the “bash” command. In this article, we have learned how you can install Anaconda3 on Ubuntu 22.04.