Text editors are always in use for Linux users. Text editors such as Vi/Vim is a great choices because it work well and we can do many things. Even though they might seem hard at first, once we fully understand how to use it, the Vi/Vim text editor becomes really helpful. Let us discuss about the top 10 reasons why we should use the Vi/Vim text editor in our Linux operating system.

Vi/Vim Text Editor Definition

Vi and Vim are text editors that are often found on Unix-based operating systems such as Linux. Vim is an improved version of the Vi text editor. It keeps Vi’s basic functions and includes several advancements and extra features. Vim is very user-friendly and is a flexible tool for coding, system management, and text editing activities.

These Vi and Vim text editors generally function in two modes which are “command” and “insert”. We can edit and run the commands in the “command” mode, while the “insert” mode allows for direct typing and input. Vim includes a variety of features like syntax highlighting. Vim also supports multiple buffers and the ability to construct macros and provides powerful plugin support. 

Furthermore, these features enable us to modify and increase Vim’s capabilities and allow us to change it according to our requirements.

Reasons Why We Should Use the Vi/Vim Text Editor in the Linux System

Let us talk about the main reasons why we must use the Vi/Vim text editor in our Linux system.

  1. Vim can be Installed Easily

Vim can be easily installed across various Linux distros through package managers. To install the Vim editor in our Linux system, we need to first update our package manager. Then, type the following command in our terminal:

$ sudo apt update
$ sudo apt install vim

After the installation is completed, here is the command to check its version:

$ vim --version
  1. Vim Is Well Documented

Vim provides us with a large and well-organized documentation collection. By understanding the manual and documentation, we can fully understand how to use Vim properly.

  1. Vim Provides Community Support

Vim has a large and helpful user community. This supports us to get a diverse range of resources such as plugins, tips, tutorials, and forums. We will be surely benefited from this helpful community to improve our Vim experience and we can also troubleshoot any problem.

  1. Speed and Efficiency

Vim’s primary design emphasizes quick navigation, editing, and command execution. Because of its quick workflow and command-driven approach, the users who become skilled in Vim’s modal editing style can see a large gain in productivity.

  1. Vim Provides Powerful Editing Features

Vim offers us with a various number of editing tools such as macros and registers along with powerful search features. These powerful features allow us to handle the text with better flexibility. This text editor in Linux makes the difficult editing jobs easier and more efficient for us.

  1. Vim Uses Less System Resource

The Vim text editor is a very light weight application, so it makes sure that our system resources are used very little. This feature enables the text editor to manage the huge files and complete the activities without any performance issues.

  1. Vim Supports All Types of File Format

Vim adapts to changing file formats effortlessly since it supports a variety of programming languages and file types. Its versatility guarantees that the users may edit the files efficiently across a wide range of projects and coding environments.

  1. Vim Supports a Cross-Platform Compatibility

Vim’s cross-platform interoperability allows the users to experience its features consistently across different computer settings.

  1. Endless Possibilities in Vim

The performance of Vim via plugins and scripting allows us to increase and personalize the text editor to our individual needs.

  1. Vim Provides Various Color Scheme

Vim has a wide variety of color schemes and this contributes to improved readability during coding. We can also change the text editor’s color scheme.


The Vi/Vim text editor provide us with a variety of features. These are essential tools in the Linux system because of their efficiency, adaptability, and vast capabilities. By understanding this article, we can know the top reasons why we should choose the Vi/Vim text editor.