In this article, we will explain about the top 10 most demanding professional certifications in demand that will get us hired in today’s world. Candidates, who have pursued any professional certification course, have a better chance to get hired by MNC. These professional certifications not only help the candidates to boost their skills but also help them to get a good job.

10 Professional Certifications in Demand That Will Get You Hired

Let us explain about the various professional certifications in demand that will get you hired.

  1. Agile and Scrum Certification

A certified Agile and Scrum expert demonstrates the ability to successfully lead an agile team. We can have a competitive advantage due to their great potential and understanding of Agile techniques and Scrum practice.

  1. Big Data Certification

Big Data certification is very important because this certification can increase or analyze and understand the internet-based activities. Big Data is becoming more popular as there is a growing demand to store and analyze an enormous amount of data. Getting a Big Data certificate can help the candidates to be successful in their career. To pursue this certification, the candidates need to know about SQL and the basics of R language.

  1. Penetration Testing Certification

It is critical to have trained personnel in Penetration Testing to avoid hackers and cyberattacks. Several large corporations hire a penetration testing engineer to avoid a cyber-attack on their systems. If we pursue this professional qualification, we will have a wonderful future.

  1. IBM Data Science Professional Certificate

This is an excellent alternative for aspiring data scientists and information technology professionals. Data science is an interdisciplinary field that mixes computer science, probability theory, statistics, and machine learning with domain expertise derived from business analytics, data mining, and other subjects.

  1. Cloud Computing Certification

Cloud computing experts are in high demand because only a few companies can afford their data centers and specialized resources. So, cloud computing abilities are in high demand.

  1. Web Development Certification 

Web development work = frontend + backend. Web developers generally work with customers, and they frequently coordinate between the client and developers to get the job done.

  1. Salesforce Certification

Salesforce certification is meant for those who manage the lightning platform development and deployment operations. This certification is required for those who successfully communicate with technical solutions inside an organization or among technical stakeholders.

  1. Artificial Intelligence Certification 

Artificial intelligence (AI) is an area to deal with the development of intelligent machines. To train the machine learning algorithms, the area requires the hardware and software algorithms.

For this certification, we need to learn the popular programming languages such as Python, Java, and R.

  1. Data Engineer Certification by Google

Many data analysts value the Google Certified Professional Data Engineer credential. This certification is available to anyone who wishes to increase their understanding of Big Data, Data Engineering, and Machine Learning.

  1. OSCP Certification

The Offensive Security Certified Professional (OSCP) credential similarly focuses on white-hat hacking and penetration testing. It is Offensive Security’s entry-level certification. The OSCP certification is recommended by the IT community for information security professionals. Although this is like a penetration testing certification, this professional certification focuses on ethical hacking. 


The mentioned professional certifications are for those candidates who want to pursue in a specialized field rather than pursuing a normal bachelor’s or master’s degree. Also, working professionals can get these professional certifications as it can help them to get hired in a better company. While compiling this list of the best professional certifications, we focused on fields that offer greater prospects for career growth and jobs that are in high demand. Acquiring these professional certifications in any of these fields can provide anyone with a good job in big companies.