The IT equipment facility changes every two, three, or maybe five years but the facility capacity changes maybe 10 or 15 years. There are a few skilled engineers who are there to maintain the data center facilities. As a result, data centers are running out of space, power, and cooling. There are several software available in the market to upgrade the data center management system. Let’s now discuss the 10 most important open-source software that are present for DCIM (Data Center Infrastructure Management).

DCI Manager 

DCI manager is a software or platform for handling hardware equipment like servers, switches, and PDU routers. They constantly follow the server. It increases the performance of IT department and controls the use of computer resources of the DCI manager optimization algorithm. The main feature of DCI managers is to manage all the system equipment very smartly.


At present, the opendcim software is used in all over the world for noncommercial purposes. It helps to draw a DC map and observe the temperature and power consumption of the server. Not only that, it is also designed to control all the aspect of the server to control its power management system and performance regarding its durability.


This software is developed in both physical and virtual machines in the server prospective. It controls all the functions of the operating system and networking functionality. At present, it merges both WHMCS (Web Hosting and Automation Platform) and Blesta (Billing and Client Management Platform).

Easy DCIM 

It is a platform by which all the performances of the software like installation, navigation, and optimization are controlled in a smarter way. It does not attach the IP addresses and DNS (Domain Name server) to the software integration. The disadvantage of this software is that it is a paid software and its pricing is very high compared to other softwares.

Ansible Tower 

It controls the installation support, enterprise support, premium support, and Ansible Engine bundle.

Puppet Enterprise

Puppet Enterprise is an open-source software configuration management tools. It runs on many Unix system and Windows. The key features of puppet are large user bae, big open source community, documentation, and platform support. It follows a Master slave architecture.


Netbox is totally related to online industry and networking marketing. It is an open source IP address management system which was introduced by the network team. Its main function is to store all the information related to the network, virtual machine, inventories, and many other platforms. 

Rack Tables  

Another important commercial software for data center infrastructure management system is Rack Tables. This tool is used to observe and take control of the network address and other hardware devices related to the server.

Device 42 

The Device 42 platform DCIM is made of four elements. They are main appliance, remote collector, windows discovery service, and windows or nix installed agent. It identifies all used addresses for the specified subnet range and is used primarily for discovering the network devices that has SNMP enabled.

Center OS  

It is an operating system under DCIM whose main aim is to control the equipment or hardware related to the server and generate the DC map and its configuration. It also manages the different type of productivity work related to the internet.


By discussing all the most important tools related to the DCIM, we can summarize the fact that these tools enhance the DCIM features at a next level at the top of the world. Although, many researches are yet not to be done related to these software or tools that correlate to this open sources software. As a result, DCIM expresses itself on a higher note such that it is influenced to discover so many features in the future.