The popularity of the Linux operating system has grown in today’s world. Linux is famous because it is an open-source operating system and it provides stable performance. Since more users migrate from Windows to Linux nowadays, we must know the most used Windows alternatives for Linux.

Let us talk about the 10 most used Windows alternatives for the Linux operating system. Each of these alternatives provides us with a smooth and full of features experience.

10 Best Windows Alternatives for our Linux Operating System

Here are the top 10 windows alternatives for our Linux operating system:

  1. MS Office Alternative

MS Office is one of the important applications on any operating system for a variety of purposes. The LibreOffice stands out as a powerful replacement of MS office for Linux users. The LibreOffice includes tools for word processing, excel spreadsheets, presentations, and more. It provides a comprehensive and compatible office solution.

  1. Nero CD/DVD Burner Alternative

Linux users can turn to Brasero when it comes to CD/DVD burning. This versatile tool allows the users to create data discs, burn the audio CDs, and even copy the existing discs. Brasero provides us with a user-friendly interface. Brasero makes the burning process straightforward for both beginners and experienced users.

  1. Windows Media Player Alternative

The most used alternative for Windows Media Player is VLC for Linux users. VLC is a good alternative to Windows Media Player because VLC can support multiple video format and customize options. VLC supports the audio and video playback very easily and it also provide us with many multimedia options.

  1. Adobe Photoshop Alternative

The GIMP (GNU Image Manipulation Program) is a feature-rich alternative to Adobe Photoshop on Linux which is written in C language. GIMP has advanced picture editing capabilities and is capable of handling jobs that include basic editing to advanced image modification. Its extensibility through plugins adds to its versatility.

  1. UTorrent Alternative

The qBittorrent is the most used uTorrent alternative on Linux. The qBittorrent offers us with a clean user interface and maintains the important features of a BitTorrent client. It also supports sequential downloading, prioritization, and more.

  1. MS Outlook Alternative

The most used alternative of Microsoft Outlook is Evolution on Linux. This tool combines the email, calendar, and task management. Evolution can support many email protocols, and it is compatible with verities of email security.

  1. MS Edge Browser Alternative

Mozilla Firefox is one of best browser alternative for the Linux operating system. Mozilla Firefox is known for its high speed, privacy features, and extensive library of add-ons. Mozilla Firefox ensures a reliable browsing experience with regular updates and a commitment to user security.

  1. MS Paint Alternative

The tool named as KolourPaint is a simple yet effective painting application and it serves as the most used alternative to MS Paint on Linux. KolourPaint offers essential drawing and image editing tools that make it suitable for users who prefer a lightweight and straightforward application.

  1. Notepad Alternative

The tool named as Gedit is a replacement for Notepad. Gedit is a versatile text editor that supports syntax highlighting that makes it a useful tool for both programming and general text editing tasks. Gedit is very easy to use and is also popular to many Linux users.

  1. MS Teams Alternative

The online meeting has become very important, so Linux users can rely on Slack as an alternative to MS Teams. The tool named as Slack offers robust features in all areas that MS Teams can support. 


The previously discussed Windows alternatives not only bridge the gap, but also provide us with more features, customization possibilities, and better performance. As the Linux user base grows, the availability of good alternatives to popular Windows applications becomes important. The Linux operating system provides a wide selection of applications to satisfy our needs. Using these programs, we can consider using the Linux system as well.