While installing Windows 10/11, you would see that the My Computer icon is not present by default on the desktop. My Computer icon lets you browse or access the Windows stored files and folders and organize them. 

This article will cover the following list:

How to Get “My Computer” Icon on Windows 10/11 Desktop

This guide shows multiple techniques to find the My Computer icon on Windows 10 and 11. The process is identical in both versions of the Windows Operating system; however, the interface is somehow changed. So, we will do this process on both versions to avoid confusion. 

Let’s not waste the time and start the steps. 

How to Get “My Computer” Icon on Windows 10 Desktop

Step 1: To restore the missing My PC or My Computer icon on a Windows 10 desktop, move the cursor to the blank area of the desktop and right-click on it. Select the Personalize option from the appeared dropdown menu:

Step 2: In the Personalization screen, you will see a couple of options in the left panel; select Themes from them:

Step 3: Scroll down to get the Related Settings options, and when you get it, click on Desktop Icon Settings from its sub-menu:

Step 4: A settings box will be displayed in front of you; tick the My Computer option there, hit the Apply button, and then click on the OK button: 

Redirect toward the Windows 10 desktop screen, and you will find the My Computer icon there:

How to Get “My Computer” Icon on Windows 11 Desktop

Just like we did in Windows 10, the process is pretty much the same. 

Step 1: Open the Settings screen using the Start menu or by pressing the shortcut keys Windows + I to get the Personalization section: 

Another way to get the Personalization directly is to right-click on the desktop and select Personalize from the displayed menu: 

Step 2: In the Personalization screen, navigate the cursor towards the Themes section and click it:

Step 3: While stepping into the Themes screen, scroll down to find the Desktop Icon Settings in the Related Settings tab and select it:

Step 4: Now, you will see that Desktop Icon Settings box will be displayed in front of you:

Step 5: Now, check the Computer in the Desktop Icon section; click the Apply button to update changes and then hit OK button:

Now, move back to the desktop and see if you get My PC icon there:

Pin My Computer to Start Menu in Windows 10/11

The My PC/ My Computer icon is not pinned in the Windows 10 or 11 start menu by default. If you want to pin this icon, the steps are here:

Step 1: Once you have enabled the My Computer icon on the Windows 10/11 desktop; now, right-click on it to see available options:

Step 2: In the dropdown list, you will see the Pin to Start option, when you get it, click it:

Step 3: Now, open the start menu by clicking on the Windows icon in the taskbar and see My PC is pinned with all other applications:

Similarly, In Windows 10, when you select Pin to Start, it will show the My PC icon in the pinned section:

Is it possible to rename My PC to Any Other Name?

Yes, changing the My PC name is possible according to our choice. It’s just two steps away; right-click on the MY PC icon on the desktop and select the rename icon located at the top left corner of the popup menu:

Type the name you want to replace and hit the Enter button:

How to Show Windows 10/11 Desktop Hidden Icons 

It might have happened that your Windows desktop icon has been hidden due to any circumstances; no worries at all.

Right-click the blank space on the Windows 10 or 11 desktop and navigate the cursor to the View option in the dropdown menu:

When you get into the View option, its sub-menu will appear; click to Show desktop icons:

Now, all of the hidden icons will be displayed on the desktop screen. 

(The process is the same for Windows 10 and 11 versions). 


The My Computer icon is not visible on the Windows 10 and 11 screens by default. To access stored files and folders directly from the desktop, you can enable it manually by following the specific steps provided for both versions of Windows i-e, 10 and 11. 

In this guide, we have seen how to get the My Computer icon on Windows 10 and 11. Moreover, we have covered different queries as well as how you can pin the My Computer icon on the Start menu, or rename it.