QR Code commonly known as Quick Response Code is a two-dimensional code to store the data for the machine to read. In our digital era, QR codes are commonly used. They provide a rapid and convenient method for accessing information, websites, and various other resources. While mobile devices are frequently used to scan QR codes, you can also scan QR codes with ease on a Windows PC. 

We’ll examine numerous approaches on how to scan QR Codes in this guide.

How to Scan QR Codes on Windows?

There are multiple methods to scan the QR code in Windows:

  • Using Windows Camera Feature 
  • Scan the QR Code Using Google Lens
  • Using Online Services
  • Using Third-party QR Code Scanner Applications

Method 1: Using Windows Camera Feature

Step 1: Open the Camera Windows Camera

To start the camera, click on the start menu 

Step 2: Scan the QR Code

Select the q code option to scan the code:

Method 2: Scan the QR Code Using Google Lens

Google Lens is an image recognition technology developed by Google. It is basically a search for the image-related information, whether it is in the image or related to the image. You can also use this technology to scan the QR code as well. 

Open the QR code in the Google web browser, right-click on the QR code, and select Search the with Google image:

After that, a Google lens will open on the side of the browser, click on the website button to open the link behind the QR code or copy the link to open it in another browser:

Method 3: Using Online Services

Many websites provide online services for QR code scanning through which you can simply scan the QR code.

QR Code Scanner is among the most popular online QR code scanners. The scanner has features through which you can scan the QR directly using the device cam. Place your QR code in front of the device cam, this will automatically scan your QR code:

If you don’t have a webcam in your device or have any issues with the webcam you can try another feature. You can simply paste your QR by clicking on the Add Button and you will get the output:

Method 4: Using Third-party QR Code Scanner Applications

Here is another method through which you can scan your QR code There are hundreds of applications that provide the QR code scanning facility. MyCam is the best choice to scan a QR code. It is a free and offline software. MyCam is available on various websites; you can download it from any of these sites.

Step 1: Download the MyCam for Windows

Click the link to Download the MyCam:

Step 2: Install the MyCam 

Once the downloading is complete, click to install the MyCham:

Note: Wait for the installation process to complete, it take some time to complete:

Step 3: Run the Application

After installation, click on the Run button to launch the application:

Step 4: Scan the QR Code Using the MyCam

Now upload the QR code from the Windows files by clicking on the Open File button. After uploading the QR code, click on the QR code icon. This will take you to the link behind the QR code:

If you want to scan a QR code by using a webcam. Simply click on the webcam button to open the webcam and then click on the QR code icon:


Scanning QR codes on a Windows PC is a straightforward process, offering various options to fit your preferences. These methods include using the built-in Windows Camera, leveraging Google Lens for browser-based scanning, utilizing online QR code scanning services like “Open the QR Code Scanner,” and employing third-party applications such as “MyCam.” Choose the approach that suits your needs and equipment availability for seamless QR code scanning on your Windows PC.