Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you needed to know exactly which version of Windows is running on your computer, but didn’t have a clue where to start? You’re not alone. In our digital era, it’s essential to keep up with the latest updates and upgrades, and knowing which version of Windows you have is the first step. 

Within this article, we will lead you through three straightforward approaches to determine which version of Windows you are using. No need for any tech wizardry skills – we promise it’s easier than you think! 

How to Know What Windows You Have 3 Methods to Find Out?

There are several ways available to find out which Windows version is running on your computer. Here, we will discuss the three most frequently used methods:

Method 1: Use System Information

Have you ever experienced the sensation of playing hide and seek with your own computer, attempting to decipher which version of Windows it’s operating on? Well, fret no more! The System Information utility is your map to finding out. How does one navigate this map, you ask? It’s as easy as pie.

First things first, press `Win+R` on your keyboard. A Run dialog box should pop up. Type `msinfo32` into the box and hit Enter.

Voila! You should now be staring at the System Information window. Look for the line that says “OS Name.” 

This line is like a name tag, telling you exactly which version of Windows your computer is sporting.

Method 2: Check About Settings 

Another easy-peasy method to know what Windows you have is to stroll into your computer’s Settings. Here’s your step-by-step guide. 

Click on the Start button and select Settings, the icon that looks like a little cog. 

Once in Settings, choose `System` 

and then `About` at the bottom of the list. 

Under the `Windows Specifications` section, you’ll find `Edition`. This is your treasure trove, revealing the version of Windows you have.

Method 3: Use Command Prompt 

Fancy yourself a bit of a computer whiz? This method might be right up your alley. Pulled straight from the secret toolbox of tech gurus, Command Prompt is another way to know what Windows you have. 

Simply press `Win+R`, type `cmd` into the Run dialog box, and hit Enter. 

In the Command Prompt window that appears, type `winver` and press Enter. 

And there you have it: a window that tells you all about your Windows version.

Why It’s Important to Know Which Windows You Have Installed?

Knowing the version of Windows installed on your system is not just a piece of trivial information. It serves numerous purposes and has several implications. 

Improved Security

The first reason you should know what Windows you have is for security purposes. Different versions of Windows receive different levels of security updates and patches. Outdated versions might no longer receive support, potentially exposing your system to cybersecurity risks. 

Enhanced Performance

Secondly, each version of Windows comes with its set of features and performance enhancements. By knowing which version you have, you can optimize your system and take full advantage of these features. 

Software Compatibility

Certain software applications may exclusively function with particular Windows versions. If you’re uncertain about your Windows version, you could inadvertently install software that either functions improperly or not at all on your system.

System Requirements

Lastly, having a precise comprehension of your Windows version can empower you to make well-informed choices when acquiring new hardware or software. System requirements often specify the supported Windows versions, aiding you in making the right choice. 


Playing detective with your computer doesn’t have to be a daunting task. With these three methods at your disposal, you’re well-equipped to find out what version of Windows you have. 

Regardless of whether you’re a newcomer to technology or an experienced computer enthusiast, there’s a method outlined here that will align with your preferences. So, the next time you need to know what Windows you have, just remember these easy steps and you’ll have your answer in no time.