Remember the days when our desktops looked plain, with just a few icons here and there? With the evolution of technology, we’ve been gifted with a feature to adorn our screens with widgets. With Windows 11 rolling out, Microsoft has taken widgets to a whole new level. Let’s embark on this journey to explore the must-have widgets of Windows 11.

What are Widgets?

Ever thought of widgets as the salt and pepper of your digital cuisine? Too subtle to be a main dish but absolutely essential to enhance the flavor. In tech jargon, widgets are small applications running on your desktop, providing quick access to information or functions. Their role? To simplify tasks and offer quick snippets of information right at your fingertips.

The Journey From Windows 10 to Windows 11 Widgets

Windows 10 introduced us to live tiles, those colorful little blocks on our Start Menu that would give us real-time updates. But with Windows 11, the game changed. Say hello to more sophisticated, more organized, and aesthetically pleasing widgets!

Top 10 Must-Have Windows 11 Widgets

This section will provide you with a list of the top 10 “must-have” widgets for Windows 11:

1: Weather Widget 

This widget provides real-time updates on the current weather conditions, as well as forecasts for your chosen location. To integrate it into your Widgets panel, simply access the Widgets section, and from the list of available options, click on the “Weather” widget to add it.

2: To-Do List Widget 

This is your digital task organizer, allowing you to list, prioritize, and set reminders for daily responsibilities. To utilize this widget, navigate to the Widgets area, search for “To-Do List,” and click on it to include it in your panel.

3: Clock & Alarm Widget 

Display time, manage alarms, and explore international time zones all from this widget. To add it, head over to the Widgets selection, find the “Clock & Alarm” option, and click on it to insert it into your panel.

4: Calendar Widget 

Oversee all your appointments, events, and tasks in one consolidated space. To get this widget, go to the Widgets section, look for the “Calendar” widget, and click on it to add it to your panel.

5: News Widget 

Stay connected with the latest headlines both locally and internationally. To embed this into your Widgets area, access the Widgets menu, identify the “News” widget, and click on it.

6: Entertainment Widget 

Dive into the recent updates in movies, music, TV shows, and more. To make use of this, go to the Widgets section, spot the “Entertainment” widget, and click on it to introduce it into your collection.

7: Traffic & Maps Widget 

Navigate the world with ease, find routes, check real-time traffic updates, and discover local places of interest. To integrate this, navigate to Widgets, locate the “Traffic & Maps” widget, and add it by clicking on it.

8: Stocks Widget 

A real-time monitor for stock prices, market updates, and other financial insights. To get this widget on your panel, head to the Widgets area, find the “Stocks” widget, and click to add.

9: System Performance Widget 

Stay updated about your computer’s health, memory usage, and more. To add this, access the Widgets section, spot the “System Performance” widget, and click on it to embed it into your panel.

10: Note-Taking Widget 

A quick-access space for jotting down thoughts, reminders, and ideas. To utilize this widget, simply navigate to the Widgets area, search for the “Note-Taking” widget, and click to add it to your selection.


Windows 11, with its emphasis on modernity and user customization, presents a plethora of widgets designed to streamline daily tasks and enhance overall productivity. 

From the ease of having the day’s weather at a glance to the convenience of real-time stock market updates, the versatility of these widgets ensures every user can tailor their computer interface to their unique needs and preferences. Furthermore, by understanding how to effectively use and manage these widgets, one can truly harness the capabilities Windows 11 has to offer.