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Your computer specs give you an idea of the performance capabilities of your machine. It’s a useful feature to access if you want to install new software and want to make sure you can run the new program. There are different ways to access your specs. Here is how to find computer specs with Windows 7.

Use a Keyboard Shortcut


Using a keyboard shortcut is the quickest and easiest way to access your computer specs. Press the Windows button at the same time as the Pause Break key in the top right section of your keyboard.

This shortcut will open a window with your system information, including a list of specs.

Computer Icon


There is another easy way to access your computer specs. Right-click on the Computer icon on your desktop.

A menu will open, and you should see a properties option at the bottom. Click on properties and a window will open with your computer specs.

Control Panel


If you are wondering how to find computer specs with Windows 7, accessing your control panel will help you find all the information you need. Knowing how to access your control panel is useful since you can see information about your computer and configure a wide range of options:

  • Click on the start menu. You should have a control panel option on the right of the start menu.
  • Click on Control Panel, and a new window will open. You can access all the Control Panel utilities from there. The first utility listed is System and Security.
  • Click on System and Security. A new menu will open, and you can then click on System.
  • Clicking on System will open a window with all your computer specs.
  • Before you click on System, pay attention to the different options listed. There are shortcuts you can use to access specific information like the amount of RAM your computer has.

If you need specs for the different devices connected to your computer, click on Hardware and Sound instead of System and Security when you open the Control Panel. The Hardware and Sound utility helps you install new hardware, configure hardware connected to your computer, and find the specs of your current devices.

File Explorer Window

windows 7 file explorer window

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You can access a few basic specs via file explorer. The other methods listed above lead to more detailed specs, but using file explorer is a quick and easy way to find some specs.

Open file explorer and select your hard drive. The lower portion of your screen will display a few specs, including your hard drive capacity, how full it is at the moment, and you should also see the specs of your processor.

System Info Command


Using the system info command will tell you more about your computer. You can access information about the edition of Windows you have and see your Experience Index. Your Experience Index is a score that reflects your hardware capabilities.

Open the start menu and use the search field to open the command prompt utility. You can enter cmd or command into the search field to open it.

Type systeminfo.exe into the command prompt utility. This command line will display all those specs.

You should be able to find the information you need now that you know how to find computer specs with Windows 7. Try different methods since the information displayed will vary from one utility to another.