Having started Python computer programming language in my teens, it is lately that I am seeing the fruits to it . As almost everything is getting automated by a computer technology behind it, coding is becoming a necessity, especially for those who want to learn how things work under the hood.

Since a little child, I have had the desire of owning a personal computer and giving it commands to run stuff. Although not a professional programmer, finally I can easily automate tasks on my personal computer with the help of different software technologies such as bash scripting, terminal utilities and for sure Python.

Those who are totally unaware of the programming technologies and their specific usage, have all the reasons to ask why it is important for one to start and learn a computer programming language. Being a computer nerd, through this article, I am going to share the key reasons why it is important for one to start and learn Python programming language.

Before giving one the key reasons on why they should start and learn the Python computer programming language, let me share a few words about the technology itself.

Python technology explained shortly for complete beginners

Python is a high level scripting language widely used by professional software developers all over the world. It offers rapid development due to its high level nature, and many startupsĀ  make use of it for prototyping. Not only is Python used in big projects and large codebases, but it is also being utilized by system administratorsĀ  in the automation of their daily tasks.

As an interpreted computer programming language, Python is very beginner friendly as it helps one test and run their code interactively in their Python shell.

Giants such as Google and Youtube make heavy usage of the Python programming language, they have projects which depend entirely on such computer coding technology.

Not only is Python computer programming language being used to create Desktop based apps, but also in the web development industry with frameworks such as django, flask, pyramid, plone and many others.

Key reasons why one should start to learn Python programming

There are many reasons why one should learn a computer programming language such as Python, but through this article we are going to provide you guys the key ones, all of them come from personal journey with Python coding.

Almost everything is getting automated

As everyone of us is experiencing it, lately the technology is automating almost every part of our lives, from shopping payments to private medical records. Computer software is being used to automate stuff in our daily lives, and code powers the software.

When one has knowledge on coding technology, it is easier for them to interact with software and even write their own scripts to automate tasks so they can avoid repeating themselves and also utilize their computer resources to the fullest.

Not only automation gets easier when one has knowledge on a specific coding technology, but understanding how things work under the hood becomes available to them. Most of the web projects on the Internet provide an API for the developers to interact with.

Python has many libraries which can be utilized to send requests on the Internet, making it really easy for one to interact with online applications available out there.

One can write their own utilities and computer programs in Python

Knowledge on a specific coding technology such as Python, provides oneĀ  the ability to write software which matches their specifics, in a very short time, since Python fits great for rapid development.

Python can be used to write simple scripts to solve practical problems, but if used properly by a skilled developer, large systems can be entirely powered by it.

Having intermediate knowledge on Python programming language, one can easily express themselves in computer code.

Python developers get paid to write professional code

Not only can Python help one to automate their computer tasks, but it can also make money to them. For one to get paid for their Python code, it takes time, as becoming a professional does not happen over night.

Personally, I have been paid for some Python code I have written and I can truly say that it is a great feeling to make money as a computer programmer.

Python is easy to learn

There are many coding technologies which if used properly can achieve the same things as Python, but as far as my experience goes, none of them is as beautiful as Python. Easy to learn, its beautiful syntax makes Python very easy to read. Not only it offers rapid development when it comes to software prototyping, but it also makes it easy to maintain the project’s codebase due to its readability.

To master the craft of Python development, for sure it takes a lot of time, not months, but years! For one to learn the basics and level up to an intermediate position, three months is enough.

Python has the most welcoming community

There are computer geeks worldwide that make use of Python technology in their software development projects. Not only are they skilled with the latest Python tips and hacks for professionals, but they have deep love for the community. Back in 2013, I had the chance to attend EuroPython, a conference in which developers from all over the world gather with the main purpose of sharing their experience with the Python coding technology.

Some of the most beautiful days of my life! The Python community is very welcoming, it’s like a good heart which shares love without conditions constantly. And it does not stop!

Python is free as in beer, and OpenSource

One doesn’t have to purchase any license to make use of the official Python technology. Anyone can easily download the latest Python interpreter from the official website and start to experiment on their own. Not only is Python free as in beer, but it is also open source, which means that the code which composes it, is available for the public to study.

Nowadays, it is really important that people use open technologies as there is a lot of mass surveillance going on. It is always a good idea to know how things work under the hood, only this way one can be aware of what really goes on while working with their computer.

Python has a great support on the Internet

When one starts their coding journey, it is normal for them to get stuck on different parts of the entire experience. Having been stuck myself with all kinds of errors produced by the Interpreter, I know how it feels. I have experienced the struggle of a complete Python beginner.

Fortunately for those who is interested in learning computer programming with Python, there is so many useful tutorials on the Internet, which can be used to advance skills on the coding journey.

There is also many books written about Python programming language, especially for complete beginners who need support more than anyone else on their computer programming journey.

Final thoughts

Nothing comes easy in this life. Hard work and dedication is the key, especially in the beginning. Being a Python nerd myself, I have experienced very bad days debugging all kinds of errors thrown by the projects I used to write on my own free time.

As a technology, Python fits perfectly the needs of the beginner programmer.