Celebrate Valentine’s Day on your WordPress site with the Valentine’s Day Hearts Plugin. This plugin is a cute and easy way to add some seasonal flair to your pages. Once its installed, you can easily add floating hearts to any of the pages on the front-end of your site (it doesn’t apply to the dashboard and WordPress user interface).


This plugin is perfect for anyone who wants to make their pages a little more festive, or for retailers who might want to remind their users that the romantic holiday coming up is a good excuse to by sweets and treats for their loved ones.

The install and activation of this plugin are very simple and quick. Once its installed it can be configured to your desired settings, but coding knowledge is necessary for this step, as you’ll have to edit the plugin’s PHP file to make any changes or personal customizations to the plugin and its functionality. Things you can customize if you desire are the pages which the hearts appear upon, the amount of floating hearts that appear, the size of the floating hearts, and more. Be creative!