One of the coolest features of Google Chrome is the many ways in which you can customize it to suit your exact needs. A cool way to really make your browser unique to you and your interests is to install a custom theme. There are so many themes to search through that choosing your ideal browser theme can get a little overwhelming. If you want to customize Chrome but aren’t sure where to start, check out this list of some of the best Chrome themes currently available.

Best Chrome Themes

1. Black & White Theme


This is a really simple theme with a minimalist design, and is a great option for someone who wants to try out a theme but doesn’t want to do anything crazy or over the top.

2. Raindrops Theme


This beautiful theme might be right for you if you’re an appreciator of great photography or rainy days (or both!). It’s inspired by this classic image of a window on a rainy day.

3. Beautiful Landscape


This themeĀ is especially great for Chrome users who have a bit of wanderlust, or simply users who are inspired by looking at images of beautiful scenery and landscapes.

4. Flying Paintscreen-shot-2016-11-30-at-2-49-04-pm

Flying paint is one of the coolest, most colorful themes available for Chrome.

5. Celestial Lights


This awesome theme was inspired by the gorgeous and colorful Northern Lights/Aurora Borealis phenomenon that occurs at towards the northern poles of the planet.

6. Spiral Galaxy M101 Theme


Outer space is pretty cool. If you agree, then you’ll definitely enjoy this starry theme that represents a literally out of this world spiral galaxy.

7. R2-D2 Theme


We may have saved the best for last…any Star Wars fans will probably be big supporters of this Chrome theme. Seriously, who doesn’t love R2?