Looking for some new ways to optimize your code and increase the speediness of your site? Here are some simple ways to streamline your site that you may have overlooked.

1. Minimize HTTP Requests

HTTP requests are a big reason why a site’s load time can be so slow. The best way to reduce these requests is to really make sure your code is super efficient by only using one stylesheet, reducing the number of scripts you use, and don’t use unnecessary images (use CSS or HTML in place of images when at all possible).

2. Enable Caching

When a resource (stylesheets, scripts) is cached, that means it’s stored so that in can be easily and, most importantly, quickly accessed to save time when your site loads.

3. Minify Your Resources

Minifying your HTML, CSS, or JavaScript can really streamline your code and get rid of anything that might be there unnecessarily, which will definitely help with the speed of your pages. There are many tools available online that can be used to minify your HTML, CSS, and JS for free, so it’s definitely worth a shot to optimize your site’s speed.

4. Use Stylesheets Over Inline Styling

Not only is inline styling impractical and not dynamic, but it can also increase the size of your HTML files by a lot. Save yourself some load time and put all of your CSS in one stylesheet (but only use one to keep the HTTP requests down!)

5. Limit the Number of Plugins on Your Site

This one is our least favorite, but the fact is that plugins will add extra code to your site that can slow things down. Try to only use the most lightweight plugins possible, and delete any superfluous ones that you might not need.