Running a WordPress blog doesn’t have to cost you much. I am doing it right here. I am running this blog on a shoe-string budget. No costly hosting fees and no tricks.

This blog isn’t the fastest online right now, but it’s fast enough that hundreds of visitors can browse it simultaneously without slowing it or shutting it down.

This blog is costing me $12 annually in domain registration fees and about $40 per month hosting it on Google Compute Engine.

Both the domain name and servers are hosted with Google.. easy to manage that way.

I switched all my services to Google thinking my blog was going to recover after it was hit with Google Panda algorithm. Well, it didn’t happen.

Switching my domain name, host, email and other services go Google didn’t help. My traffic is still down from its peak.

I’m glad I moved to Google Compute Engine and hosting my domain with Google domains, though. Prior to moving to Google, I was paying around $80 per month with 1and1.

For $80, I got a virtual dedicated server with 4GB RAM, 1GB bandwitdh and 500GB storage.. Granted, it was few years back, but looking at the 1and1 services today, it’s pretty close to what I paid for then.

Today, I’m paying half of the $80 I paid to 1and1. For $40 bucks with Google, I get a Compute Engine (virtual machine) with 4GB RAM, unlimited storage (only pay for what you use), 2 cores virtual CPU.

So, if you’re thinking of running a WordPress blog, stay away from these managed services providers. They’re just too expansive for hosting a WordPress blog.

If you’re a seasoned webmaster and can afford it, then shoot for them.. managed services are just too expensive for folks just starting out with blogging with WordPress.

Also, hosting your blog $5, $10 on these shared hosts may come and bite you someday. These shared hosting services are too restrictive and may not be best for you.

I’d always recommend Google Compute Engine to host your blog.. it’s cheap, reliable and easy to configure.

We Switched To Google Compute Engine And Seeing The Benefits Already