Few days ago I showed you how to backup WordPress databases via CPanel. That post can be view from here.

If you’re new to hosting websites with WordPress online, these are some of the tasks you may want to learn. Learning how to backup and restore WordPress databases is a must for webmasters.

This simple post will show you how to restore WordPress databases after first backing them up via CPanel using phpMyAdmin.

So, if you followed our previous post on backing up WordPress databases via CPanel, then you probably have a database that has been exported or backed-up.

To restore that database, all you need to do is go back to CPanel and navigate to the Databases section and click phpMyAdmin.

cpanel phpmyadmin backup

Next, browse to the database that you want restore. You only want restore your databases when something is wrong with them.

You can only restore up to the last good backup. So, if you perform a good backup of your databases on Sunday and made some changes that messed them up on Friday, you’ll be able restore up to Sunday.. everything that was changed on Monday through Friday will be lost.

Backing Up WordPress Database Via CPanel

After selecting the database you wish to restore, select all the tables as shown in the image below and drop them all.

Dropping databases tables is like deleting them. They’ll be gone forever and can only be restore from a last backup file.

Select all the tables and choose Drop. You could also select each table and drop one at a time.


When prompted on the next screen if you really want to run the query, click Yes.


After dropping all the tables, the database will become blank. All you need to do now is to import from the last good backup file.

Importing is easy. Select the blank database, then click the Import button, choose the database file you want to restore and click Go.


Doing that will restore your database content to the last good backup.

That’s it! You should now be able to view your site again.