Last week I got one of those AdSense achievement notifications.. saying it was my 6th years in the Google’s AdSense program.

Needless to say, I was less amused.. that’s because AdSense advertising program isn’t making money like it used to.

I registered to join Google’s AdSense program in late 2009, but didn’t start blogging until mid 2010. The account was just sitting there and not being used.

Mid 2010 when I started blogging, I actively began using AdSense unit and not very long was earning decent amount of money.

At one point was consistently earning around $2000 a month.

Today, it’s a completely different story. Partly because I am not getting the traffic I used to get back then.. Google traffic to my blog have been half and so are my earnings.

Another reason might also be users who are using Ad-blockers program to blog third party scripts and advertising code. These users also might have something to do with why bloggers around the web are earning less from their advertising programs.

Whatever the reason, it’s not pretty. Earning less for work that takes hours to research and writer about might be a reason people are blogging less.

Some bloggers go without writing a single post for weeks if not months because they’re pursuing other interests, like a full-time job.

I on the other hand have decided to write even without earning money because I love what I do. Although money is good and helps pay the bills, without it, I’d still write new blog posts.

One of the downfalls of not make enough from advertising is the ability to expand and include other features.

Just recently I allow my second domain ( to expire. After it expired someone registered it immediately and requested I pay up if I want it back.

I laughed and told him to keep it. Crazy!

Anyway, that’s my story.

If you’re a blogger using AdSense program and have something share, please use the comment section below to speak. Our readers might benefit from what you have to share.

Again, thanks for reading.