If you have added local accounts in previous version of Windows, doing it in Windows 10 might be a bit confusing.

Confusing because Microsoft wants users to sign up with their Microsoft online accounts so they can hook up into other Microsoft online services such Windows store and OneDrive.

So, when setting up additional system accounts, you’ll have to go through unnecessary steps just to get a simple local account created.

This brief tutorial is going to show you how to setup local accounts so another user can sign on to your machine using that account.

Before you create additional accounts on your PC, you must first have administrative rights. That is you must be an administrator or member of the administers group.

Only those with administrative rights can make these changes. If you’re the owner of the machine you want to add users to, then you’re probably an administrator.

So, to continue, click the Start button on your computer and go to Settings –> then click Accounts as shown in the image below.

create windows 10 local accounts

The accounts group allows one to create and delete accounts, change passwords and set one lock screen backgrounds.

On the next page, click Family & other users link, then to the right, click the link to Add someone else to this PC.

create local accounts on windows 10

That will take you to another page where you’ll be prompted to create Microsoft online account. Did I tell you Microsoft made is difficult to create local accounts?

windows 10 local accounts

On this page, click the link to reads ‘I don’t have this person’s sign-in information

That will allow you to proceed to the next page, where you’ll again be prompted to create a new online account profile.

create windows 10 local users

At the bottom of this page, there’s a link that reads ‘Add a user without a Microsoft account’

That link allows you to create local account.. as you can see, it quite difficult to create a simple local account.

You must follow all these steps and link to create one freaking local account for your users.

On the next page, you’ll now be asked to type in the local account info.

windows 10 local accounts

Now you type the username for the account holder and password. Hint is also required before you can proceed to the next page.

When’re you’re done, this account will have access to the local machine using the username and password provided.

So, if you need to create your next local account, follow these same steps to get it working.

Enjoy and I hope if was fun.